Thursday, January 27, 2011

Out Sick

So it looks like I have chronic bronchitis. Ack! I'm taking the week off to recoop, which so far has involved lots of turkey sandwiches, Teen Mom 2, and celebrity gossip. Now that I'm all up to speed on Ricky Gervais' scandalous Golden Globes' speech, the healing can begin.

In other news:

* Finally set up the Crosby record player my husband got me for Giftmas. Just as I imagined, vinyl is a revelation. We've listened to the Smiths, the Beatles and the 5678's and Frank Sinatra so far. Sean wants to buy more 45's so we can get the world's raddest jukebox.

* Had my identity thieved! I feel like one of those people in the commercials. Some dick hole in the Netherlands tried to charge a bunch of jewelry to my card. Nice try, dickshit. That card was already maxed out.

* I'm considering becoming a vintage fashion curator on Myspace. It would be an extra $500 a month for what essentially breaks down to 10 vintage related tweets a day. Not a bad cash influx and could help fund heartbreakers like this:

* I lost 9 pounds, presumably from coughing as cardio.

-Sabrina London