Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gross:Maxi Dress

Can you imagine seeing some chick rocking this at the club? Bahahaha. I mean, sure it could be a coverup for the beach, still an ugly coverup, but the fact that the model is wear zebra print heels makes me think twice that she's headed to tan. Not cute. However, I'd be wayyyy amused if I did see this in person one night. Someone wear this and make my night. Its avaiable at Go Jane for $43.70. Woah! 43 bucks too much.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

For the girls who love ruby rings

If there’s one special stone that I’d love to have, it’s a ruby. Something in this gem fascinates me. I love its pink blooded color, especially the natural one without inclusion, it’s very girly. This stone must have been created solely for Valentine’s Day that’s why its color speaks mostly of sweetness and love.

I wonder if men think of ruby if they are to propose. I bet the sight of a glimmering pinkish red after the box is opened would be more than enough to convince her that indeed, you’re the one.

Best seller ruby ring with diamonds

As for me, I’m done being engaged but I did not receive any ruby. I did, however, receive a wonderful ring that’s white gold around with a stone that’s just 1.0 Moh harder than ruby – a diamond. Of course I love my engagement ring. But if I were asked to choose between what my boyfriend gave me and a sweet ruby ring, I most probably would take weeks to decide.

Unfortunately, I don’t wear rings. This is due to my religion’s practice of simplicity (weird, huh? given that I blog about fashion). We don’t wear jewelries. So what would I do with my ruby ring if I had one? I won’t wear it, yes, but I most certainly put it in a fabulous jewelry box, look at it every night before I’d go to bed, delight in its beauty and guard it with all my life!

I noticed that there are more ruby rings and necklaces created out of this stone than wrist watches. And if there are any watches made that are accentuated by ruby, I haven’t found one yet that I really fancy. (Let me know if you had!)

Because of my fascination of ruby, I researched about the places were this stone is mined. I learned that for centuries, the country that was most well-known as source of this gem is just a neighboring country – Myanmar. But things even get more fascinating when I discovered that Thailand, the very country where I’m in, has also been historically mined for ruby. Great news!

Admiration aside, to all the girls like me who doesn't have ruby but who loves it, here’s a wonderful quote that I hope you’d like.

“No one has found the worth of the ruby of the heart; its value cannot be estimated.”
~ Sri Guru Granth Sahib

The Sheer Maxi Dress

I'm pretty enamored with this dress from Anthropologie circa I-found-this-at-a-yard-sale. Amazing find? Name your price. It will be up for auction in our store tomorrow night.

You might have noticed the pictureless auctions tonight, and rest assured, we're working on it. While I'm in transition between Macs, I'm working from my husband's computer and it takes much, much longer to resize and export photos. Actually, it takes much longer to do anything.

I'm feeling a bit like a curmudgeon today. A troublesome customer is making life hell in the kind of tedious power struggle only eBay can provide. Not to bite the hand that feeds you too much, but I sincerely wish eBay offered more support for sellers. After all, eBay doesn't technically sell anything. We do.

A special thank-you to the stragglers who bid on something from our tiny auction week. Your purchases are going towards keeping this bitch sane during Mac death week. Truly, I'm grateful.

Much love,
Sabrina London

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At Funerals, We Wear Black

It cost $150 to extract this picture from my hard-rive, and a few others which you will see in the store Thursday night.

RIP MacBook Pro (aka "A Friend")

Sabrina London

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Win the $65 gift card giveaway sponsored by CSN Stores

For someone like me who sits too long in front of a computer, the best luxury would be a functional working table and a comfortable swivel chair. I hope that when I and my husband move to a new place, I would get my dream table and chair.

Lucky you girls, because CSN is sponsoring another giveaway. Not only are all their adjustable bar stools and swivel chairs on sale at one of their CSN online store, they are also giving away $65 to one lucky winner. The winner can use her gift card certificate to choose the product that she needs. If it's me, I'd take this.


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Have a wonderful week!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

strapless maxi dress

strapless maxi dress
strapless maxi dress
strapless maxi dress

Bright Side List

On Wednesday night, I couldn't sleep and found myself poking around online, reading articles about my favorite improv comedians. At around 4 AM, I went to bed and the next morning when I woke up, my MacBook Pro was dead.

Like most exits in Los Angeles, it came out of no where. I opened my laptop and waited, but nothing happened. When I attempted a hard reboot, the chimes were absent and the LCD screen remained black, empty, still. I whipped out my iPhone and began self-diagnosing with trembling thumbs, only to learned it was probably the RAM card or my logic board. How did this happen? One night, you're reading about comedy and the next day, you're lugging a 20 pound backpack to Melrose Mac on Highland.

Oh yeah. About that. The same day my Mac died, our car died too.

It was thoroughly traumatic, leaving my precious 'puter in the hands of a perfect stranger, who wouldn't have answers till Monday. What's worse, all the items I photographed for the store this week were on that computer. So in addition to shelling out for the repair, I won't get paid next week.

On my way back home, I ate some Greek food at Daphne's Cafe and piddled around ULTA for a while. What a crap day. My husband called to let me know the car repairs came out to $1,400 if we were feeling fancy. It was that or take the bus. We opted for 2 of the 3 repairs that seemed the most life-threatening ("5% breaks left" might alarm the bravest of frugal daredevils).

My husband is up for a raise this month, so things could definitely be worse. But I feel like there's a 2008 MacBook shaped hole in my heart. Right now, I'm using Sean's work PC netbook and it's very foreign. Again, could be worse, but a girl's allowed to wallow.

Okay, time to make a "Bright Side" list.

* Sean and I enrolled in classes at the Upright Citizen's Brigade, following in the footsteps of some of the world's greatest comedic minds. I'm super stoked to be even remotely associated with UCB. It's the Harvard of comedy.

* After 7 months, my couch-crashing brother found his own apartment, which means put a sock on the door because the husband and I aren't leaving these quarters for a fortnight.

* I've never believed in the mystical powers of womens' "face cream" - it always sounded like a fancy way of describing moisturizer. But in spite of my skepticism, I bought a tub of L'Oreal Youth Code Day/Night Cream. I'm just supremely curious what the hell face cream does, mostly. Harvard of face cream? I'll let you know.

* It's raining. I've got the apartment to myself and a little chihuahua puppy cuddling nearby. That means it's tea and magazine time.

Sabrina London

Monday, February 14, 2011

maxi dress

maxi dress
maxi dress
maxi dress
maxi dress

The Gospel According to Vogue (February 2011)

It's time to grab your bibles, young fashion heathens, and flip through the Gospel according to Vogue. Here's what the February 2011 issue had to offer.

Chanel ad: Are those feathers I see incorporated on a classic Chanel tweed jacket? I'm in love with this look and the fingerless leather gloves are sublime.

Estee Lauder ad: Hey, an Asian!

Lancome ad: This is why I absolutely hate Spring fashion. Easter egg makeup ads with matching eyeshadow, nails, blouse and background. It's so '80s in all the wrong ways.

Prada and Marc Jacobs ads: Interesting Latin influence on accessories this spring with Prada's colorful woven pumps and Jacobs' big woven hats.

Fendi ad: Big time '50s secretary dress in more Easter egg hues.

Michael Kors: This nude slouchy wide knit sweater is the first thing I've seen anyone in LA actually wear.

Covergirl ad: Turn on as many diffused lights as you like. Taylor Swift still looks like a toothless hillbilly to me.

The Limited Ad: I'm sensing a very boring Sex and the City reboot, where Carrie and the gang only wear khaki and never make eye contact.

Valentino ad: Starting to think I'm programmed to swoon over vintage revivals. This '60s inspired party dress in the black and white ad is darling.

Giselle Bundchen page (appears before Balenciaga ad, but stands alone): Funny to see Giselle again, looking mighty dyke chic. I'll allow it.

Blumarine ad: Please stop.

Letter from the Editor: The Jonathan Saunders garden party dress on Karolina Kurkova is stunning here.

Tresor ad: Penelope Cruz is top on my hall pass list, don't get me wrong. But this photo looks at least a decade old.

Loreal Paris ad: "Whoa!" I exclaimed out loud at Barnes and Noble. Orange lipstick and '50s secretary glasses are a total turn on. Well played!

Maybelline ad (for One by One Volum' Express): I'm inclined not to trust any product with a sassy apostrophe in the name, but this one looks especially unlikely. The lash catcher?

Marc Jacobs ad (for Lola perfume): This model's thumb is doing something not of God.

Loreal Paris ad (for Magic Smooth Souffle): Diane Kruger got a makeup contract? Good for her!

Mulberry ad: So nude and acorn trench coats are appearing pretty often at this point, and we're only on page 119. I like this ad because look a little longer and you'll spot a pig!

Loreal ad (for EverSleek haircare): Another page stopper! J.Lo has so much hair and it's gorgeous, but I have DOoUUBT(!) she'd put anything from a grocery store on her head.

Extra Leg Room (Page 130): Holy macrol, we're 130 pages in and this is the first page of actual content I've come across. If you exclude the table of contents and Letter from the Editor, this is it! A welcome break from all those Loreal ads.

So Vogue purports wide leg pants are returning "channeling that '70s silhouette." This is not the first time the fashion Gods at Vogue have tried to push baggy pants, but it didn't catch on because they look atrocious on viturally anyone who's not ironically too thin to wear them.

View (Page 136): It looks like the next popular trend the world must willfully ignore is neon.

Versace ad: So January Jones is naked in a four page spread for Versace, and I'm still intensely bored.

Manifest Destiny editorial: "Is there an American style?" Vogue asks us. Let's find out together (spoiler alert: apparently). Tips from the gospel of Vogue: Practical and comfortable. Clean lines and something about pilgrims.

It does appear the midi-length dress and skirt is back.

Gangs of New York editorial: "Romantic Victorian to 1970s gloss." Love the first page of this.

Coming on Strong: K-Stew looks really pretty with dirty blonde hair and dark eyebrows. Really suits her.

That about wraps up this edition of "The Gospel According to Vogue." You may now close your bibles and continue living your life.

Sabrina London

3 Stylish looks to rock for Valentine's Date

This is a last minute post given that the Valentine's Day is now almost over in Asia, but still is starting at the other corners of the world. It's Monday and I believe most of us are at work, at school or just busy doing normal stuff on a weekday. Still unsure of what to wear for the dinner date with your darling tonight? Check out these stylish look that you can rock for your Valentine's date.

  • Darling in Tights

  • Sexy flowery
sexy flowery 

  • Eyes on You

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :)
red roses

Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to wear animal print maxi dress

Animal print is a severe and very challenging print to wear. It's something that can make you look highly fashionable and stylish if done right but can also make you look disaster with even very tiny mistakes.

Wearing little animal print in your outfit is easier to handle than wearing a huge ensemble such as an animal print maxi dress. But fret not. You don't need to be a celebrity or a model to perfectly pull off a fabulous animal print maxi dress. You just need the perfect techniques.  Take a look at my tips on how to wear animal print maxi dress.

  • Choose the right dress
It's important that you pick the right animal print maxi dress for you. You'll have to consider the shade that supplement your skin color, the patterns that would go along your figure, the style and cut of the dress itself and the fitting. You must be comfortable with the cut. By that I meant that you make sure the dress itself is stylish and perfect to flaunt your assets. See how Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen wear animal print.

Hear turner Leopard Halter Evening Gown Sexy Long Maxi Dress

zebra print maxi dress
A black and white zebra print is a good alternative if you're intimidated by zebra or leopard print

Halter straps tied on the back of your neck and fitted bodice destruct the eyes off the print
  • Choose the right accessory
 It's very essential that you choose the right accessories for your animal print dress. After all, it's with the accessories  that girls easily commit mistakes. The colors must jibe with the print. If you choose to match, make sure the accessories have finer prints.

Animal print comes in different variations. The tiger print, for example, usually comes in bigger patterns with light brown as background shade, the leopard print is much more fierce and darker, the zebra print usually comes in diagonal/stripe patterns of dark brown or black and white, and there are even more creative colored animal prints such as dark pink, purple, etc. The thing is you must know how to play with colors.

Jennifer Lopez's animal print cut out maxi dress behind screams fashion with matching accessories

Serena's daring animal print combination

animal print maxi dress
 I wore my animal print maxi dress from Chaps with a pearl wrist watch and a dark Bindi

In case you're unsure, it's better to stick with plain dark brown or black for shoes or bags.

  • Choose the perfect length for your personality or for the occasion
If you feel intimidated by the long maxi dress that's an animal print, then go for a mini-maxi dress. Showing off more flesh can tome down the fierceness of the print. Make sure that your footwear gives your dress justice. Pic a shimmering pair of silver or gold strapped shoes 'cause I guarantee, eyes would automatically shift from the dress down there.  

animal print H&M
Model Jessica Stam attends the launch of Robeto Cavalli's new collection at H&M held at the H&M on 5th Avenue on November 8, 2007 in New York City.

For a bonus point, tip on exaggerating the print,  see how models wear leopard print.

Thursday, February 10, 2011