Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gross:Maxi Dress

Can you imagine seeing some chick rocking this at the club? Bahahaha. I mean, sure it could be a coverup for the beach, still an ugly coverup, but the fact that the model is wear zebra print heels makes me think twice that she's headed to tan. Not cute. However, I'd be wayyyy amused if I did see this in person one night. Someone wear this and make my night. Its avaiable at Go Jane for $43.70. Woah! 43 bucks too much.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

For the girls who love ruby rings

If there’s one special stone that I’d love to have, it’s a ruby. Something in this gem fascinates me. I love its pink blooded color, especially the natural one without inclusion, it’s very girly. This stone must have been created solely for Valentine’s Day that’s why its color speaks mostly of sweetness and love.

I wonder if men think of ruby if they are to propose. I bet the sight of a glimmering pinkish red after the box is opened would be more than enough to convince her that indeed, you’re the one.

Best seller ruby ring with diamonds

As for me, I’m done being engaged but I did not receive any ruby. I did, however, receive a wonderful ring that’s white gold around with a stone that’s just 1.0 Moh harder than ruby – a diamond. Of course I love my engagement ring. But if I were asked to choose between what my boyfriend gave me and a sweet ruby ring, I most probably would take weeks to decide.

Unfortunately, I don’t wear rings. This is due to my religion’s practice of simplicity (weird, huh? given that I blog about fashion). We don’t wear jewelries. So what would I do with my ruby ring if I had one? I won’t wear it, yes, but I most certainly put it in a fabulous jewelry box, look at it every night before I’d go to bed, delight in its beauty and guard it with all my life!

I noticed that there are more ruby rings and necklaces created out of this stone than wrist watches. And if there are any watches made that are accentuated by ruby, I haven’t found one yet that I really fancy. (Let me know if you had!)

Because of my fascination of ruby, I researched about the places were this stone is mined. I learned that for centuries, the country that was most well-known as source of this gem is just a neighboring country – Myanmar. But things even get more fascinating when I discovered that Thailand, the very country where I’m in, has also been historically mined for ruby. Great news!

Admiration aside, to all the girls like me who doesn't have ruby but who loves it, here’s a wonderful quote that I hope you’d like.

“No one has found the worth of the ruby of the heart; its value cannot be estimated.”
~ Sri Guru Granth Sahib

The Sheer Maxi Dress

I'm pretty enamored with this dress from Anthropologie circa I-found-this-at-a-yard-sale. Amazing find? Name your price. It will be up for auction in our store tomorrow night.

You might have noticed the pictureless auctions tonight, and rest assured, we're working on it. While I'm in transition between Macs, I'm working from my husband's computer and it takes much, much longer to resize and export photos. Actually, it takes much longer to do anything.

I'm feeling a bit like a curmudgeon today. A troublesome customer is making life hell in the kind of tedious power struggle only eBay can provide. Not to bite the hand that feeds you too much, but I sincerely wish eBay offered more support for sellers. After all, eBay doesn't technically sell anything. We do.

A special thank-you to the stragglers who bid on something from our tiny auction week. Your purchases are going towards keeping this bitch sane during Mac death week. Truly, I'm grateful.

Much love,
Sabrina London

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At Funerals, We Wear Black

It cost $150 to extract this picture from my hard-rive, and a few others which you will see in the store Thursday night.

RIP MacBook Pro (aka "A Friend")

Sabrina London