Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm cleanin' out my closet!


Two days I had spent window shopping. But in fact, they weren't supposed to be window shopping. I need new working clothes for another round of school year. Summer vacation is almost over and in a matter of four days, it's back to work.

Something that I rarely do is giving my closet a complete clean-up. I'm a very sentimental person and I tend to hold on to things that I love as long as they last. It applies even to clothes. It takes a lot for me to let go. I convinced myself that some clothes that are old had already served their purpose and thus have to go. It even takes more to convince me to let go of stuff that had not been worn or that rarely had seen the world. I psyched myself that if a cloth has not been worn as often as it should, then it has to vacate the closet too. I did a thorough cleaning and whew! it amazed me how much clothes I have to get rid. They all could fit in three over sized luggage and I really have to squeeze them tight to compress.The process was hurting. However, after it was over, it made me feel good. Now my closet is ready to take in new stuff. It has more space.


I have to start with the working clothes. Anyway, those are more important for the moment. So I was excited to go shopping. I and my girl friends set a date. You know, shopping is more exciting when you do it with your girl friends. But sigh! First day we went out, we did not meet our goal. I went home with only a new purse and two winter scarves for my fiance.

Joy, Daisy and Me

I went again for the second day, this time alone. I've searched in and out of the biggest malls in the heart of the city, but sigh! again. Every boutique and every mall are having grand sale mostly 20%-70% both for the high end designers and the high street. Yet too bad, there is nothing that fancy me. Sure the piece might be 50% off, say the original was 2,990baht [$92.80] and after the discount they sell at 1, 495baht [$41.40]; but girl, if you don't like the style, do you have to force yourself to buy it just because it's on sale? Of course not! I cannot afford another luggage of rarely used clothes.

I wonder if it's just me or is it really that most of the designs available in the city right now are not my type? If there are good ones that can make me nod, just nod but not gasp, they aren't on sale and they are quite expensive for a frugal shopper like me.

I pray that I can still find good clothes that would make me happy, after all I'm running out of time, and that they are just within the budget. I guess, this is the down side for a girl who says, I'm a shopaholic no more!


Friday, July 30, 2010

Less words Friday, for girls who don't need make up

It's not a total wordless but a less words Friday for me, girls. Just quickly, let me share this photo that impressed me this week. I'm jealous, yes I do get jealous, of girls who don't need make up just to look pretty. Without make up, these girls are still close up material. How blessed are they?


Model: Daisy
Photographer: Me

In case you want to know what guys actually think about girls and especially when they wear make up, you better check this article that I'm reading right now.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Barbara Palvin wears leopard print

I remembered that three months ago I wrote a style guide which I deem one of the most useful articles that I had written about styling. This opinion of mine was confirmed when I discovered that even Manolo the Shoe Blogger found the article amusing and was kind enough to share the link to his readers. "How to wear animal print" is a list of what's Yay! and what's Nay! in wearing leopard, tiger, zebra or any animal print. If you want to get amused too, you better check the guide.

Tonight is one of those nights, when I sit in front of my laptop wanting to write but with nothing to write. So what I do when those nights come? I surf and visit other blogs, read online magazines and surf more hoping that I might stumble upon something that inspires. But when the muse is too stubborn, I end up wasting my entire night procrastinating. That can be a very bad night.

However, I thought that I better scan my old files. And when I did, there yah go, I saw Barbara Palvin lying down the rocks with mesmerizing eyes urging me to write about her.

So this is how Barbara Palvin wears leopard print. Other than the hat and the belt, everything in her outfit is leopard. Now girls, I'm sure that we understand the difference between the editorial outfit and the ones that we can actually wear in the real world. Even if I honestly love everything in this outfit, I still believe that if you don't wish to look like a jungle wild lost in the streets, you better stay away from going animal from head to toe.


Monday, July 26, 2010

6 Easy Steps to Make a Baby Shower Gift Basket

baby edited
photo: photo bucket

Here are six easy steps to consider when making a baby shower gift basket: choose a nice basket, embellish the basket, have a theme for the package, include a gift for the new mom, be mindful of the things to avoid, and make some final additions.

If you have no time to prepare a your own gift basket, you can simply go to a baby shower gift shop and purchase one right away. Making your own is sure to be more meaningful and special, not to mention easier on your budget by creating it yourself. It can be even more fun too. If you want to try, here is a list of steps to make a gift basket for the next baby shower you go to:

Choose a nice basket

Initially, you need to choose a basket. It can be a wicker basket or any gift container alternative such as tin cans or pails, diaper bags, bathtubs or even bassinets. Just make sure the containers will perfectly match your theme preference. When choosing a basket, see to it that the new mom can use it for various purposes, like holding baby diapers and other necessities.

Embellish the basket

Decorate your basket with various kinds of flowers like tulips, lilies, and carnations. You need to refrigerate them until such time as you are ready to take your package to the mom-to-be and her new baby. In certain situations, it might be unnecessary to use fresh flowers. If that is the case for you, you can use something else as your decoration, like ribbons around the basket handle, to add a nice look.

Have a theme for the package

Gather all the items you wish to place inside the basket. It will be easier for you to prepare those cute treasures if you have a theme picked out for your gift. Here are a few theme suggestions for your consideration:

* Diaper theme basket–Fill the basket with diapers, pins, baby ointment, wipes, powder and a diaper bag.
* Feeding theme basket–You can have a basket filled with baby cups, feeding spoons, a bottle warmer, bottle nipples, teething rings, bottles, and even mom’s nursing products.
* Nursery theme basket–This is a basket loaded with baby blankets, a brush and comb, nail clippers, and other crib accessories.
* Bath theme basket–This will include baby shampoo, soap, powder, a robe, towels, and tub toys inside a bath tub as the gift basket.

Include a gift for the new mom

A hospital theme basket is an ideal gift for any new mom. This can contain items that the mommy will need at the hospital, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, bath and skin care products, a nursing mother’s needs, and slippers. You can also give her a basket filled with her favorite things, such as her choice of parenting magazines, perfume, DVDs and CDs with her favorite music.

Be mindful of the things to avoid

It is wise not to include newborn baby clothes. For one, it is a common gift, and the mother-to-be will be overloaded with newborn clothing her child may never wear. In addition, expensive clothing is indeed a no-no. Babies will not get to wear them for long since they grow so fast.

Make some final additions

Adding ribbons and bows to your package will make your gift basket more spectacular. Wrap the basket with clear or colored transparent cellophane. You can also skip wrapping the basket and just let the contents cascade freely.

Animal-Inspired Accessories = RAWR!

I am OBSESSED with these animal-inspired accessories I snatched up this weekend. Most of them cost next to nothing, but they pack so much punch.

Feather Dream Weaver Necklace - $12.80 at Forever 21. Instant drama and so eclectic. I love wearing this with cocoon-draped tops and jeggings.

Report Zebra Sequined Ballet Slippers - $13.99 at Ross. Originally $45. I'm not big on zebra or leopard print anything, but Manolo Blahnik insists they work on shoes and I'm starting to agree. I wore these tonight with high-waisted black shorts, a deep V top and damask-print Calvin Klein cardigan.
Vintage Snakeskin Belts - $6 each at SLOW Clothing on Melrose. When I found out SLOW has a yard sale every other Saturday, I nearly did a cartwheel (naked). I bought 3 vintage belts - two are snakeskin (one camel brown and the other red) and a super '80s hipster braided rope belt that I may re-sell. Stay tuned.

Raccoon Tail - $20 at SLOW Clothing on Melrose. I was actually in search of a FOX TAIL but I found them to be too bulky and I feared people yanking on it. The raccoon tail is just the right size for a girl, and looks very feminine.

Betsy Johnson Heart-Rimmed Black & Pink Eyeglasses - $69 (for the frames) at Costco. This weekend, I finally, finally, FINALLY bought prescription eyeglasses, which I've been needing desperately for the last 10 years. You're speaking to a chronic contact-lens wearer, night and day. Now my poor eyes can take a break every once in a while in style.

These are so quirky cute. My husband picked them out after I couldn't persuade him how awesome chunky men's glasses would be. So excited for these. They'll be ready in 2 weeks. Rejoice!

Sabrina London

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fashion Don't! Paloma Faith's Fashion Faux Pas

Just the other day I spoke about how Japanese fashion use more than three colors in an outfit - usually bright if not bold colors - and that how they come up with playful and girly combinations. Well today, let us see how Brit Paloma Faith has almost applied this same principle in her outfit when she attended the 40th anniversary celebrations of Browns on May 12, 2010 in London, England. She stepped out in "a multi-colored muumuu, mismatched stockings, platform pumps, and a horrific, electric-blue hat." OMG

Now ladies, you be the judge. Is this a fashion faux pas or not? Should we add this outfit in our Fashion Don't! list?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Charice Pempengco visited Thailand

The Filipino singer Charice Pempengco has recently visited Thailand to promote her album "Charice". She's the first Asian in history to land on the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 album chart . She is managed by record producer David Foster and celebrity actress/television host Oprah Winfrey.

Yesterday afternoon she performed live in the ground floor of Siam Discovery performing a total of seven songs. She sang parts of "I will always love you" and "I Have Nothing". She also performed some rap songs as well as the most awaited songs "Pyramid" and "In This Song".

The venue was too small and not conducive for performance. With tons of people flocking to get a glimpse of her and to hear her voice, it was almost impossible for me and my friends to find a spot where we could see her perform. Each floor of the mall was already full packed hours before the performance.



I went up and down from the first floor to the third but I could not find a place. While on an escalator, however, I saw that there was a platform on the ground floor allocated for all the press and camera men. I checked for a possible way to get in there. There were guards who were dismissing non press people from the platform but I was able to smuggle myself in and secure a space in the middle of all the men positioned to cover the performance. I pretended to be a press too. Armed with my Nikon D5000 always ready to get a shot, I was as good as true. I stayed there throughout the performance. I decided I could as well use a fake press ID.




It was a very amazing performance with all the highest notes reached with ease and with power that makes you shake. You'd wonder how a small teenage girl can possess such power. But while you still crave for more, you'd be told "I'm coming back in October with my friends and David Foster. See you then ..."

Understandably, it was just a promotion. It wasn't a concert. And by the way, do you notice that special microphone of hers? I was told only Charice and Celine Dion model this phone. And it is said to be a German product. Well, that's something I am yet to confirm.

I managed to find my friends after the performance. We were scattered in different floors. And we were able to get ourselves some photos too.


Ringo, Daisy, Joy and Me

Shop Her Songs

ChariceMy InspirationCharice

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Try Japanese Fashion, try printed cardigans

I noticed that Japanese Fashion is becoming influential in some ways. I have seen some fashion bloggers posting photos of themselves modeling their copied Japanese look. Some of them may not entirely match the expression of their Japanese counterparts, however, their attempts of adapting Japanese fashion actually result into playful girly looks.

I can spot Japanese fashions even in the streets. They speak of colors, lively and bright that are matched together. There's nothing mundane in this type of fashion. It's all about daring to wear more than three bold colors in an outfit. More colors is the ultimate principle.

One shop that I found recently where you can easily purchase Japanese fashion is the Tokyo Fashion Online Shop founded by Mayuki Zhou in 2005. They specializes in all different Japanese styles that as they put it, "are making international headlines!"

This Cardigan Overlay Printed Chiffon Tunic is a product from Tokyo Fashion Online Shop. It is available in four colors: Hot Pink, Purple, Flesh and Black.



Another online shop of Japanese fashion that you can check is the SDKING by Chae Nan Ju. This Short-Sleeve Knit Cardigan by SDkING is available in black, blue, pink and white. It polishes any type of your summer dress - flowery, striped, plain single color or even dots.



Shopping for some new cardigans is definitely first in my wish-list. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


If you insist on judging me, I found the vintage sailor girl mini AFTER my dog got hers. Now we match. Because this is Hollywood and that's what people do here. We dress up like our dogs.

I received my impulse auction purchase yesterday from Bustown Vintage. Major bummer: the advertised 26" waist ended up being a hard, unyielding 24" waist. Sadly, that was the difference between fitting and not. I'm disappointed, but my loss is your gain because I will be adding it to the Buy-It-Now store. And yes, the vintage sailor girl mini is up there also. :)

Two Inches Too Fat to Be Impulsive,

How to look feminine and a litle flirty

If you’re a working girl trapped in those dull and repetitive office uniforms five days a week or perhaps more, it would be so much of relief to once again feel like a girl in some feminine clothes.

You need clothes that not only accentuate you’re being a woman; they also naturally create in you a sense of flirt. Being flirty does not have to connote negativity, as I have said many times; it is merely an expression for a girly and attractive look.

Some fashion experts claim that you shouldn’t wear polka dots once you’re past six years old. But that anyway, is only their opinion. Take a look at this Polka Dot Pattern Dress from Haru. I don’t say that everyone would look good in it but if you’re a type that can pull off just anything, then this polka dress can serve you best. Its sleeves are puff and its cut is in every inch girly.

First of all, I love navy color. Second, I love clothes that can be worn in many ways. This First Crush Dress in navy color is no wonder a best seller. Not only can you wear it as a dress that is feminine and smart, you can also wear it as a tunic. Most of all, I love anything mini.

The soft striped knit tunic cut in an A-line silhouette dress is from Urban Outfitters. It's rounded Peter Pan collar is a reminiscence of your elementary days giving you that youthful and playful aura as of an elementary girl. While the navy and white stripes speak of maturity, the mini length of the dress speaks for your flirty side.

Another lovely dress from Urban Outfitters, Kimchi & Blue Tulle Dress is on sale. From £45.00, you can now crown yourself a prom queen for only £21.99. Its belt, frill trim and open neckline all made this dress ultra girly.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

How fashion lift my spirit when I'm stressed?

My blog looked abandoned, silenced for a week; but it wasn’t because I did not wish to write or that because I was tired, but it was because of my laptop, it broke down twice these past two weeks.
It stunned me to realize how dependent to a laptop and an internet connection I’ve become. It’s like my life depends a whole lot to it. Oh Technology, how you manipulate me?

Many things worry and stress me right now. But as a female and a fashion addict, can you guess what lifts my spirit?



These python-embossed leather booties from Shopbop is made in Italy. I adore its drape front and I think that I'm loving open toes a lot lately. Must it be because it's summer?

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Won!

There are two things I know in life.

1) Why the caged bird sings.

2) I'm a bona fide sucker for vintage auctions.

Yesterday while doing "research" for the shop, I had one of my competitors' auctions up as they were ending in real-time. In theory, it's good to study what trends are popular (what sells for the most, what sells for the least). Even in the fabulous world of dated clothing, certain decades go in-and-out of style.

But like a fly drawn to the pretty glowing zapper, I happened upon a vintage '80s cross-back floral sun dress that made my blood run green with envy.

"I think I should bid on this," I declared to the universe.

"No, you shouldn't," my husband protested, from the next room. "You're not purchasing clothes from your competition."

"But it's SO cute. It looks like the striped cross-back dress I got from Urban Oufitters. Only no one else will have this one."

"We sell a million dresses that look like that every week. Why don't you just keep one?" He said.

"Because! This one fits my measurements perfectly. And it's better!"

"Don't do it."

"I'm doing it!"


"I... must!!!!"

Seconds later, as the timer blinked to a minute and change, I plugged in an absurdly high opening bid. Being familiar with this particular shop, I was aware how fierce their buyers could be and I really wanted this dress. My heart raced with exhilaration. Did I really want this dress? Or did I just want to WIN this dress? Would I regret it if I won? I just sold a few Buy-It-Now items, which would directly fund this purchase. Perhaps I could use the money more than ANOTHER vintage frock.

As the seconds became more spare, I knew I wanted the dress. For all my hard work. And equally, yes: I wanted to win it.

3... 2... 1...

Congratulations, alamedavintage! You won this item.


-Sabrina London