Monday, May 31, 2010

Fashion, don't desert me!

Does it come to you? That sometime in your blogging career, after months or years of hard work - producing quality content, widening your blogging circle, getting quality links, improving your web's traffic and lay-out and getting hyper in every social media, you just feel worn out, less motivated and less interested that you start to contemplate stopping to blog? I am at that point. It started during that week when our city was dead in silence. When destruction and terorism was crippling the city and everyone was scared. Now, this haven of angels is getting back on its feet a victor over terrorists. But here I am, still crippled with my loss of the muse.

While I am still at a loss, I thought I better share with you girls some escapades I had recently. But let me warn you, nothing's very fashion this time. No make up, no riding jacket not even riding shoes. Signficantly, my horse is still a baby. But I had fun. It made me ask, "So you've no horse? But who said you can't be cowboy?"



Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fashion Don't? Sarah Jessica Parker's Outfit

What makes you want to see the “Sex and the City” series? Is it the romance, the comedy or the fashion that makes you get hooked?

Carrie Bradshaw may not be so great nor should I say so lucky when it comes to relationship but she is stunningly a fashion icon. For someone who’d rather buy Vogue instead of dinner and with intense love for shoes, there’s no doubt she deserves her fashion status.

Thanks to this Carrie Bradshaw persona that made Sarah Jessica Parker a style icon. However, does being such an icon make her not capable of getting caught in a catastrophe? Examine what she wore to a Press Junket for the “Sex and the City 2”.

Case in Point: Pair of acid wash trousers


Notice how this outfit was made up of all plain basic colors – the scarf, cardigan, sling bag and clogs. You’d like to think Sarah just put on anything she had her hands first without actually thinking. No wonder the OMG writers called this a tragic outfit.

Now vote for yourself girls. Should we add this outfit to our fashion don’t list?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sale, how I love Thee: shoes, dresses, denim, tops and jackets from shopbop

I used to religiously scout for fashions on sale and blog about them every weekend. But then, my day job has taken over and getting too worn out all the time unconciously made me leave this passion - Sale, how I love Thee! - at the back burner.

But hey, despite my tiredness, I'm sure I couldn't let this good news fly off my window. I did for a lot of them. Shhhh! That was because I did not really want you girls to spend more of your money. Yet here I am, excited to tell you that Shopbop is having some really crazy sale.

I'm loving my Imelda

The first thing I scanned page by page was for the shoes. There are tons of them on sale and mostly are at 70%. Honestly though, a lot of them have not struck the core of my fashion sense. I didn't feel that restless feeling, with hands and feet sweating and mind swirling. Nah, not really. But since there are too many shoes on sale, that just meant I could search through all of them to finally find something to fall in love with.

Then I did find them, a pair that I would so love to embrace.

$650.00 $455.00 (30% off)

Loeffler Randall Lula Platform Booties.
I'm sure you girls understand why I fell in love with these shoes. Snake-embossed leather booties is something that would make you look fierce but effortless. Pardon me environmentalists; I don't really mind killing snakes and wearing their skin. But I mind the price. After 30% off, I still don't think I'd be willing to pay that much. Sigh!

And more shoes. I had a hard time deciding which color is best between the two booties.


Pollini Studio Pollini Cuff Suede Booties in Dark Green/Grey or Berry/Brown? Please help me decide girls. Their price is actually reasonable - $765.00 FINAL SALE* $229.50 (70% off)

Elizabeth and James Greta Woven Pumps. I was planning to look for a more daring bright colors. But I don't know why I ended up choosing for these. If not grey, maron or rust. Sigh! again. $425.00 $297.50 (30% off).

Little black dress Vs. Little white dress


Torn by Ronny Kobo Caroline Dress $231.00 $161.70 (30% off) or Alice + Olivia Wrapped Goddess Dress $264.00: $184.80 (30% off)

Lovely basic and bright


Tons of them are so loving and divine for summer outfit.

You can also check for denim, tops and jackets. They too are on sale. I'm just not certain if their prices are crazy too. ;)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall; who's the fashion of them all?

Just like the ugly witch antagonist of Sleeping Beauty, I heard tonight the call “Mirror, mirror on the wall …”


One thing that I cannot live without when we speak about fashion is the mirror. Regardless of how pretty my dress is or how beauty my shoes are, I need to see myself through the mirror wearing them. I have to know how perfect they look on me or how glamorous they make me.

A little girl smiles at her reflection in a mirror, circa 1935. (Photo by FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

I need mirrors of different sizes starting from the pocket mirror that can be easily inserted in a tiny purse, to the handy mirrors that come along with a make up or a face powder up to the size that is just enough to show the entire face.

photo: thecelebration.files

But what I need most is the mirror that is big enough and tall enough to show the whole I from head to toe with shoes on. My mirror on the wall must be able to tell how good I look for every angle. I cat walk in front of it, I pivot for how many times, 90 degrees to 180 degrees, I sit and walk back and front, before I could be convinced that my outfit is indeed perfect.

photo: wykopowisko.tumblr

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fashion of them all? I ask before I pick up the keys ready to say “hi” to the world.

What about you girl? How important is a mirror to you?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Should you go bright and basic for your summer outfit?

What I love about having a style feeder is having someone feed me with styles to try on. Today, I woke up realizing that perhaps, going bright and basic for summer is a good idea.

The key for bright and basic color outfits is an accessory in a striking, notice-me hue.


Get that look: Silk-chiffon open-back mini dress


Get that look: Sash Draped dress with flutter sleeves


Get that look: Knit mini dress

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Laid-back summer dress inspirations

What inspiration do you have for your summer outfit girls? Are you done with your quest for a summer look with edge? Summer dress continues to prove me great for the season.


I did not mean to leave my blog deserted for days, however, I just did. The turmoil in our city is extremely depressing that no matter how I wanted to write, I remained numbed in front of my laptop seeing how this lovely city that I adore is fighting severe destruction.

I almost succumbed to tears with the fact that is as hard as stone to swallow, my most favorite shopping mall, the Central World of Bangkok, just only after a year of being built anew, was set ablaze. Thanks to the red shirts’ act of terrorism; we call them “the arsons”.

And yet, after days of staring blank upon my laptop, I knew I can’t go on like this. I may be distressed but that doesn’t mean I can do anything, or perhaps, I can’t do nothing.

I need to get back my inspiration. Sometimes, it’s overwhelmingly abundant. Sometimes, it lightly flies off the window. But I realized I just need dresses to bid my sadness adieu. And what better way is there but to find these inspirations just sitting in my email, waiting patiently to greet me “hello”.

Summer dresses by Soft Joie gives summer a new definition. A girl doesn’t have to be hyper-active during this season. She can be laid-back too. Laid back glamour has actually an edge. They create fresh and effortless look on-the-go for any carefree abandon.

summer dress1

1 Kendall Dress. floral silk-chiffon dress with a single hook-and-eye closure at the split V neck.

2 Mary Tank Dress. Another floral silk-chiffon dress with frayed ruffles at the scoop neck and vertical lace and eyelet banding at the front and back.

3 Cambridge Dress. A racer-back print silk dress with a patch bust pocket and spaghetti straps.

summer dress 2

4 Mazira Dress. A print silk dress with a sweetheart neckline and seamed cups.

5 Mary Jo Dress. A print washed-silk dress features a wide neck and leopard graphic.

6 Karla Dress. A scoop-neck washed-silk dress features pintucking at the yoke and pleated vertical banding at the front and back.

Search Shopbop for more Joie's summer look.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Lookbook Launch and a Giveaway!

I'm so excited to finally be able to share the new lookbook with you all!

Take a Road Trip with the girls in the new Ruche Summer Lookbook 2010. A little bit of lounging around, a yummy picnic, cruising around and getting lost in a vintage car, bathing in the sun, a little bit of fishing, and catching the sunset wraps up the day. AND most importantly..looking completely adorable while doing all these things. Come Join Us! =)

Photography and Layout by Stephanie Williams Photography.

Not only that, we are throwing a little Giveaway once again! You can win this adorable "anchor home!" woven bag in red. All you have to do is share the lookbook with your friends and family!

Two Ways to Enter:

(You don't need to leave your email in the comments, first name and last initial is fine, but please check back by June 4th to see if you've won!)

P.S. Our comments isn't showing for this post, but we do get the emails, so please don't worry if you don't see your comments listed below.

1. Embed the lookbook into your Blog or Site and you MUST give us the link(s) in the comments of this post. You can get one Entry for each link! =)
  • a. How to Embed? Hover over the lookbook above and at the bottom right corner, there is a Menu link. Click "copy embed code" and paste it into your blog/site.
  • OR go to this link: and there is an embed link at the top.
  • If you can't embed, you can pull pictures from our lookbook. Files are uploaded on facebook

2. If you cannot embed the lookbook, you can share the lookbook link (use this link: on you facebook, twitter, myspace, etc., and you MUST give us the link(s) in the comments of this post. You can also pull pictures uploaded on our Facebook!
You can get one Entry for each link! =)

Feel free to use pictures from the lookbook as long as you credit to

The Giveaway will run through May 31, 2010 pst. Winner will be announced by June 4th.

Contest Disclaimer:
Comments will be numbered (in the following order: blog comments then facebook comments) and we will use to find the winner.

No purchase necessary. We reserve the right to close the contests early or late without warning. We will post the name of the winner by June 4, 2010. Upon winning, you agree that your name can be published on this blog at the close of the contest. You must contact us within 7 days after the winner has been announced to claim your prize.

Monday, May 17, 2010

How to get the best look with ankle boots

Depending on which part of the world you are living right now, you may be enjoying the bliss of sunshine or the bountiful showers of rain; there is one type of footwear that is indispensable – ankle boots.


There are many ways you can wear ankle boots and the choices to look great with them are enormous, however, I would like to speak about the best way to wear ankle boots should the weather allows. Should I say summer?

To get the best look with ankle boots is to wear them bare legged. No tights, no hose, just plain skin whether it’s tan or not. And when I say bare legged, I meant really leggy.

Ankle boots: Go bare legged with mini dress
When it comes to dress, the best for ankle boots is mini dress. Baring more skin gives full attention to your boots. The mini-dress gives a good proportion for your entire look.

photo: sretsis


Ankle boots: Go bare legged with mini-skirt
Another way to go leggy is with mini-skirt. Notice how the girl in this photo sportted her ankle boots for her simple carefree abandon.

ankle mini
photo: lookbook

Ankle boots: Go bare legged with denim shorts
This is my favorite way of wearing ankle boots - going leggy with denim shorts. A chic look for any casual day. The length of your shorts depends on your preference.


How to dress for a stroll in a field

When your city is engulfed with turmoil dividing people and shattering lives, you cannot bear to see. You close your eyes and press your lips ‘cause you know that there is nothing you can do to break free. For days you lock yourself behind curtains, sheltered and unharmed, but bored. Gone are all the alluring signs abound, enticing shopping malls and processions of fashionistas strutting back and forth in the streets when the pavements are no longer baked by the sun’s shimmering spikes. Such is the fate of the City of Angel for months now and it’s sad.


When your dream city turns into nightmare, flee to your field of dreams. Get your suitcase and pack for things just enough for a stroll in the up-country where there are no guards to stop you, no bombs and no maddening fire.


Look for a secluded meadow. Feel the breeze and like a bird spread your wings. Who wouldn’t love the taste a golden day of sunshine? Absorb it. Not everyone is as blessed as you.


But while you do so, enjoying your carefree abandon, make sure that you are dressed for the occasion. Take your best ankle boots or your most comfy casual shoes. You might love to take a pair of black or white sandals? Or even red? Go ahead. You’re out of the city and nobody’s going to notice that you’re in red. Go for an ESTIMATE floral-print blouse. Or if you’re on the mood, wear this very lovely JOURNAL dress. But whatever you'd wear, you're the one who decides for the occasion.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mom's Best Advice - Giveaway Winner

I hope all you ladies got a chance to read through almost 300 of mom's best advices! I had a great time reading all the responses and I definitely feel wiser now. hehe =)

Anyhow, as promised, we have randomly chosen a winner!

CONGRATS TO Kathryn who said:

"Kathryn said... "Bloom where you're planted"
aka, make the best of whatever circumstances life hands you.

Thanks mom, I love you! "

Kathryn, please contact us with your info and let us know which Ollipop ring you would like.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! I hope everyone enjoyed it. Stay tuned for the next giveaway!

Friday, May 14, 2010

How to wear mini-trend for summer outfits: Part 3

When we speak of summer outfits automatically we think of colorful prints and floral [Part 1] - something what my girl friends would describe as colors that scream "Someone is on here!". But then we came up with elegant summer alternatives out of black+white [Part 2] - something new out of colors that we see a lot during winter. And yet I know, that modern fashionistas are always on the look for edgy outfits that scream "personality!" and "individuality!" So here I am, bringing you the summer look inspirations full of edge. As Shopbop calls it, Edge of Summer.


Look 1. What gives this outfit an edge? Is it the exquisite details of this Crochet Top? Is it the drapes of this silky skirt? By the way, is that a skirt? Oopps, these Alexander Wang creation are actually shorts with apron skirt overlay. So what brings the edge? It's that color symmetry that is very evident plus the sheeredness it offers that every strong minded female would love to embrace. Freedom.


Look 2. Life is full of pressure, competition and friction between sweet and sour. Who needs to live with them? Most of the time it requires effort to ignore them. It requires gift to be able to focus on all the good they bring. Yes, there is no reason to rant about life. There are so much reasons to celebrate life. Although sometime for some people is a great challenge, such is the gift a Carefree Crochet Camisole gives. Featuring a ribbed top hem and scalloped bottom hem, paired with tattered or faded denim shorts, "who cares about life?"

You're everywhere to me
You're everywhere to me by vintagia featuring TopShop skirts

Look 3. What strikes out in this outfit is the mini skirt. The Contoured Suede waist belt added just enough drama with its color being the darker version of the skirt. It's buckle is a perfect centerpiece. Notice how the circle denim vest balances the look. It's edgy but ain't that loud. Unless you're within the age of teens, I don't advise those ankle booties.

I'd love to strut around the city with edgy summer outfits. But the chaos around that is both scary and insane prevents me from doing so and from spotting more edgy outfits from the streets. [Sigh]

But it's TGIS. Have a happy one, girls.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to wear mini-trends for summer outfits - Part 2

In yesterday's post I spoke about "how to wear mini-trends for summer outfits" through inspiring Garden Party looks - prints and florals. Today, let us focus on how basic black and white can create immense summer looks.

Our Black + white summer looks are purely black and white from head to toe. The key here is creating playful combinations that project easy and light moods out of colors that could easily look dull and non-summer.


Look 1 is made up of Leather Corset Shorts with Front Tie, very functional, and a black and white single-sleeved top with extraordinary style. Sadly, the top is already sold out and is no longer available in the shop. But if you heart the look, you can take a similar top such as Cielo Cover Up by Tigerlily or an organic Chemise of Only Hearts.


Look 2 is what had smitten me last Sunday, Erika. These sequined mesh shorts are every inch fabulous. Their feature pleats and slant pockets are great details while their rounded notch at edges is meant to highlight those curvy and shapely thighs of yours. But it's the top that mostly creates the fresh look. It features sheer lace insets and bias seam detailing which is a new definition of being Radical. For this look, I prefer the footwear nude.


Look 3 is what you'd look like if you want a black + white with EDGE on a summer. The Black marled bandage skirt together with the sleeveless print tunic with cascading front raffles made me speechless... From head to toe this outfit hardly screams less of perfection for a summer statement.

How would you love to try black and white for a summer outfit, girls? I understand that black is a no-no when the weather is ridiculously hot that's why I prefer an 80:20 ratio for white:black.

Hold on for the third "How to wear mini..." post which would finally survive us, as promised, the mini-trend for summer with definite edge - EDGE for Summer.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to wear mini-trends for summer outfits - Part 1

Mini outfits are the ultimate trend of the season, no doubt about it. Unless you stay in a fully air-conditioned room the entire 24 hours, you wouldn’t want to wear long outfits much more fully covered when the temperature boils up to 41° or even higher. Sure, there are some corners of the world that still await the bliss of sunshine; but that isn’t the case for countries located close to the equator. Believe me, it’s purely exhausting. But of course, no stylish girl would stop impressing her city, or town, just because it’s burning hot. Mini-trends are a lot to embrace.


Regardless of tremendous style couching, we know that everything comes down to personal preference. However, we still scan the magazines, we still search the net, we still read blogs and we still crave for what’s up in the fashion world? just because of one simple reason – inspiration! Therefore brace yourself for the showcase of the looks that recently inspired me, mini-trend outfit suggestions from shopbop.

Lovely girly floral for garden party
Girls, I hope that you're not tired of hearing me speak a lot about prints and floral because I can't help it, they're summer essentials and that's a fact. But bare in mind that it's time to go off the tangent of quick urge to buy anything floral that comes your way especially those worn by mannequins - which are always enticing, but it's a must that you have in mind beforehand ways on how to style them so that they don't get stuck in your closet as quickly as they said “hi!” to it and would have to wait for the next summer to come, if you'd finally come up with ideas on how to wear them, that is.

But if you have several floral choices already available in your closet, then perhaps it’s just perfect to find ways on how to stylishly wear them as a new look for mini-trend.


It might appear at first glance that the striped waistband with buckled strap detail is a belt creatively picked to complete the outfit. But no, it is attached to the floral silk skirt with featured layers. They come in handy. It always is good to wear halter top such as this Catch a Wave but being a 100% cotton with tiered ruffles, "summer!" is getting louder.


How many ways can you wear this Summer Garden Strapless Dress? Worn with an Elizabeth and James blazer gives a formal look, a cardigan would make a casual smart, a denim jacket would be really chic, and a scarf? ... that would make a really lovely accessory for this dress but I'm sure I'd take a black.


Would you love the playful drapes on a floral mini skirt that is silk? What about a knot at the hem of this cropped Carmen Stripe Tee that gives a vintage touch? This outfit is something you wouldn't see everyday.

The title of this post says it's Part 1. This is because my eyes are already closed while my fingers struggled to encode the right words. Okay, ... that's a little exagerated. But hey! If you work for like 7-7 and then 7-12 straight, you'd know what I mean. Who needs to work harder? I wonder.

So bare with me lovelies for tomorrow's post would be the part 2: how to wear mini-trend in black and white. It would survive until part 3: How to wear mini-trend with edge - as in edge!

Have a great Wednesday :)