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4 Remarkable Stages in the History of Nirvana

The history of Nirvana can be described in four stages, namely the beginning of Nirvana, the road to fame, the sudden end, and the aftermath.

With striking lyrics and great music, Nirvana gained popularity during their time, bringing grunge into the spotlight. Making a great wave of change in the music industry, Nirvana had taken its own unique journey that shocked the world. Here's brief history of Nirvana, from their humble beginning to their sudden fall.

Nirvana Pictures, Images and Photos

The beginning of Nirvana

Nirvana was formed by its remarkable vocalist and guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic at 1987 in Aberdeen, Washington. Cobain and Novoselic first met in 1982 through a common friend, Buzz Ozbourne of the band "the Melvins". They watched The Melvins practice and play gigs, which inspired them to form their own band. They started playing together in 1986 without a formal band name. Later on, they named their band
"The Stiff Woodies". They also had different names for their band, including Bliss, Ted Ed Fred, Pen Cap Chew and Throat Oyster, before they finally settled for the name Nirvana in February 1988. They also had different drummers during its early years, including Chad Channing who was with them from 1988 to 1990. Dave Grohl then joined as the band's drummer after Channing. The band's first release included "Love Buzz" and "Big Cheese" in 1988, followed by other singles and an album named "Bleach" released on June 1989. It was successful and gained popularity among college students.

The road to fame

Nirvana did interviews and made tours for their album "Bleach" in the US and in European countries like UK, Netherlands, and Germany. In 1991, their second album "Nevermind" was released under DGC Records, with the lead single "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Nirvana made their way to the top, which went triple platinum, with their lead single's video played constantly on MTV. It was during these days that Nirvana made a great change in the music trend with its grunge anthem. A third album was due for recording in 1992, but was delayed due to Cobain's health problems. Instead, the album "Incesticide" was released, which composed of rare recordings and b-sides to their past recordings. In 1993, the third Album "In Utero" was finally recorded and released on December, making its way to the top of the Billboard charts.

The sudden end

In the middle of Nirvana's great success, Cobain's use of drugs became uncontrollable. Their European tour in early 1994 was cut short since Cobain was rehabilitated. He escaped the rehabilitation center and went home to Seattle on April 1, 1994. It was on the 8th of April of the same year that his body was found dead in his home at Lake Washington with a gun shot wound in his head. Speculations were made, but no evidence was found linking his wife, Courtney Love, whom he married in 1992, to his death.

The aftermath

Cobain's death shook the world. At the peak of their career, Nirvana had to split up, thinking that Nirvana would not be the same without Cobain. They decided to take separate roads, with Grohl starting his own band "the Foo fighters " with Pat Smear, who was also Nirvana's guitarist during their later tours. Novoselic joined other bands and eventually entered politics.

Even after Cobain's death and the band split up, albums were released even until 2002. Albums included Nirvana's unreleased recordings, live performances and tours, as well as their remarkable unplugged show in MTV. Nirvana even became more popular, with merchandise spreading like wildfire, including Nirvana T-shirts.

By popularizing grunge, by influencing many alternative bands, and by making a great impact with its bold, striking lyrics, Nirvana will always remain one of the greatest bands of all time.

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Strategic Shopping for Stylish but Affordable Apparels at Zepherra

One strategy that I found effective in styling is creative combination. By that, I don’t refer to only creative ways of mix matching or style hunting but I refer to strategic ways of combining designers, high street or lookalikes in an outfit. This way of styling has served me best since I started to fall in love with fashion during my university days.

If my shoes are designers, people would certainly notice them. Therefore, I pick a dress that is not a designer but simply is a look alike. The dress can be easily understood as designers too. To complete the outfit, I would take a purse that is a highstreet product and then walk like everything on me is designers.

However, this strategy would effectively work if you are resourceful. You have to be able to identify products that are affordable but are great lookalikes of designer products. This area requires good taste and keen eyes but is practically helpful given the economy.

Zepherra is a shop that sells lovely dresses and apparels that I consider great lookalikes. Their products are creatively crafted and are fashionably designers inspired. What is more hilarious about this shop is that their products’ prize usually ranges $10 to $30. It is not difficult to identify apparels that would suit your need for lookalikes because what their shop offers are not only very affordable, they are also very stylish.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 Smart Tips for Buying Rock Shirts

When buying rock shirts, you need to decide on the details you want for your shirt, visit different websites, take a look around specialty shops, shop within your budget, and look out for great deals.

Buying rock shirts sounds really simple and enjoyable, but shopping could be made easier if you consider the following tips:

photo: amongstthetrees.tumblr

Decide on the details you want for your shirt

Before you actually go shopping, think of the details you want for your shirt. Is it just any rock shirt you want or are you looking for a shirt of your favorite rock band? Do you have a particular shirt style and shirt color in mind? These things are quite important to predetermine in order to make shopping a lot easier for you considering there are a lot of rock shirts available on the market.

Visit different websites

Now that you have an idea what particular rock shirt to look for, you can surf the Net and visit different websites. If you have a specific rock band in mind, you can visit the official website or fan site of the band. You can also post classified ad describing the shirt you want on Craigslist. If you are shopping for just any rock shirt, you can visit online specialty shops, online retail stores, and even online auction websites like eBay. Just be cautious of scammers and consider reviewing feedback and seller reviews so you can be more confident that you will get the item you are paying for.

Take a look around specialty shops

To make sure you get the exact shirt you want and to really examine shirt details, take a stroll and visit specialty shops in your area. If you are having a difficult time looking for one, you can ask your friends for some recommendations. You can also search the Internet for shop listings or log in to rock band forums and solicit advise from members.

Shop within your budget

For every purchase you make, there has to be a budget. Especially if you are taking the amount from your allowance, you must make sure that you shop within your budget. When searching different websites, be sure to include your accepted price range in your search criteria to make your shopping faster and easier.

Look out for great deals

It is always good to shop great deals. Look for shops that offer you the best ones for the budget you have. eBay, for example, is particularly known for its more expensive items than other sources. However, some people are left with no other option than eBay, especially with hard-to-find items. If you can, look for discounts and shop when sale items are in season. Watch for clearance sales, Thanksgiving sales, and other holiday sales that can help you save a lot of money.

Shopping for rock shirts is as fun as listening to rock music. Just make sure you follow the tips mentioned so you can save time, effort, and even money shopping.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

9 Helpful Tips to Help You Choose the Right Swimsuit for Your Body

Women can look great in a swimsuit. When choosing the right swimsuit for your body, you need to understand your body type and base your purchase on your figure. Your body may belong to the following categories: small on top, big on top, straight figure, hourglass, petite, plus size, short legs, long body, or bottom heavy.

Women may not notice it, but many make a big mistakes when they buy a swimsuit for the bikini season. the mistake women most commonly make is choosing the wrong swimsuit for their figures. Women have different body types and not all one piece swimsuits or bikinis will fit all of them. The best tip for choosing the right swimsuit is to look at your body’s silhouette.

photo: tumblr

Small on top

You have a “small on top” figure if you have a smaller bust line, or have a body with narrow shoulders and wider hips. Swimsuits that create more details on the bust but with less embellishment at the bottom are perfect for you. Choose tops with padding or under wire or those with ruffles or big ribbons to enhance your bust line. You can also wear bandeau tops and choose separates.

Big on top

You have a “big on top” figure if you are busty, or have wide shoulders, narrower hips and a defined waistline. Go for tops with under wire for additional support. Halter-top bikinis, one piece swimsuits with bust foams, and classic tanks will look good on you. Avoid swim wear that provides little coverage, like bandeau tops.

Straight figure

You have a “straight figure” if your shoulders, waist and hips are of the same size. Choose swimsuits that define your waistline, like high-cut one-piece suits, or ones with a belted waistline. Also go for swim wear that defines the hips, like bikinis with rings or ruffles. Avoid one-piece suits with horizontal stripes or with solid colors.


You have an “hourglass” figure if your waist is well-defined and you have equally-sized bust and hips. This figure can fit any kind of swimsuit. This body type looks great in brightly colored small bikinis and one-piece swimsuits.


You have a “petite” figure if you are less than 5’5” tall and are either slender or curvy. Look for swim wear that elongates your legs, like high waist bottoms. Any kind of top will fit this type of silhouette.

Plus size

You have a “plus size” figure if you are curvy or have large breasts, large hips and a big tummy. The best swimsuits for you are those that conceal the flab yet emphasize the curves, like tankinis or laced and V-neckline one-piece suits. Dark colored swim wear is highly preferred.

Short legs

You have a “short legs” figure if you have a long body and short legs. The best swimsuits for you are those with high cuts on the thighs and with vertical stripes. This design helps elongate the legs. Skip the skirted bikinis and boy shorts.

Long legs

You have a “long legs” figure if you have a short torso and long legs. Look for swimsuits that emphasize your bust line and hip , like ruffled and jewel-designed tops, boy shorts or skirted bikinis.

Bottom heavy

You have a “bottom heavy” figure if your hips are wider that your waist and bust line. Mini-skirted bikinis and wide-strapped or horizontal neckline one-piece maillots are just the perfect swim wear for you. Never go for boy shorts.

Determining your body type is the first step in choosing a swimsuit. The next time you shop, just remember some key elements and you’ll be sure that your swimsuit will look great on you.

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"Sweet As Apple Pie" - Ruche Summer Lookbook Launch + Giveaway

Our second Summer Lookbook themed: "Sweet as Apple Pie" has finally arrived! How fitting that this was shoot in famous Julian, CA, home of the yummiest apple pies! Come Indulge in the Sweetness! =)

Photography and Layout by Stephanie Williams Photography.

Not only that, we are throwing a little Giveaway once again! Choose one of these ADORABLE handbands by Petit Plume and also win the "marigold garland necklace" . All you have to do is share the lookbook with your friends and family!

Two Ways to Enter:

(You don't need to leave your email in the comments, first name and last initial is fine, but please check back by June 4th to see if you've won!)

1. Embed the lookbook into your Blog or Site and you MUST give us the link(s) in the comments of this post. You can get one Entry for each link! =)
  • a. How to Embed? Hover over the lookbook above and at the bottom right corner, there is a Menu link. Click "copy embed code" and paste it into your blog/site.
  • OR go to this link: http://issuu.com/shopruche/docs/summer2010_2 and there is an embed link at the top.
  • If you can't embed, you can pull pictures from our lookbook. Files are uploaded on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ruche/46213181308

2. If you cannot embed the lookbook, you can share the lookbook link (use this link: http://www.shopruche.com/lookbook_sum10_2.html) on you facebook, twitter, myspace, etc., and you MUST give us the link(s) in the comments of this post. You can also pull pictures uploaded on our Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ruche/46213181308
You can get one Entry for each link! =)

Feel free to use pictures from the lookbook as long as you credit to ShopRuche.com.

The Giveaway will run through July 2, 2010 pst. Winner will be announced by June 9th.

Contest Disclaimer:
Comments will be numbered (in the following order: blog comments then facebook comments) and we will use randomizer.org to find the winner.

No purchase necessary. We reserve the right to close the contests early or late without warning. We will post the name of the winner by July 9, 2010. Upon winning, you agree that your name can be published on this blog at the close of the contest. You must contact us within 7 days after the winner has been announced to claim your prize.

Funny tshirt and Eclipse apparel gives reason to celebrate

One of the common jokes we heard about being blonde is that seldom do they able to do Math. Nobody knows how this joke originated; however, I reckon that this must be due to blondes being more admired for their beauty than for their brains. Now, please, don’t get me wrong. I know a lot of blondes who are totally brainy. In fact, the difficulty of doing Math does not choose either blonde or brunette. It’s not about hair after all; it simply is all about genes.

I was once tag by my student on a photo of an IGCSE mathematical problem. They wanted to show the shortcut method of finding the unknown side of a triangle. “Teacher, finding for x is no longer difficult. See this!

I couldn’t stop laughing. It didn’t occur to me that the new formula would take them only less than few seconds. But what turned out as a silly little funny joke about the subject that I love, is surprisingly now gracing the fronts of some really cool tshirts. Why not? A tshirt does not have to be mundane apparel. It can also be hilarious. Therefore the birth of funny t-shirt is a treat to fashion. We now have reason to laugh.

Alternatively, those who adore vampires now have reason to celebrate. They can walk around and still vouch for their favorite movie, the Eclipse, by wearing tshirts with their very inspiration printed in it. Eclipse apparel comes in the form of tote bags, tshirts, buttons and accessories. You don’t have to be a rocker to wear such apparels; but maybe, just maybe, you can use a little punk rock personality to sport them on. However, if you love the unnatural love triangle where Bella has to choose between Edward and Jacob, then you too have a treat.

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How to Dress Like Carrie Without a "SATC" Budget

Author of this post, guest blogger Pauline Goodman, owns a British online store selling high quality, Italian leather handbags. For more daily updates for fabulous fashionistas, follow her on twitter, just search for paulinegoodman.

Learning to look great without spending an arm and a leg is the sort of skill that can get you far; doing it perfectly for years while establishing your own style can get you famous. Look at someone like Madonna, who started out as a young Italian woman from Detroit with no New York connections. She knew how to make an outfit work, how to stretch essentials and accent them with truly unique pieces, and she managed to look presentable enough to net those crucial meetings and get into the right clubs.

A city like New York is definitely open to those who are willing to combine classic style with contemporary flair and flourishes. After all, in the past decade, they've given us everyone from the "Sex and the City" girls to Lady Gaga herself. But the trouble with fashion magazines and television shows alike is that often, even though the people being profiled were once working with minimal budgets, once they're in the glossies, they have a whole lot more money. And figuring out how to pull of the same looks can take a bit more sleuthing if your own personal budget is more limited.

carrie bradshaw Pictures, Images and Photos

But dressing like Carrie without a "Sex and the City" budget is something that can be accomplished by any woman who is willing to put in just a bit of work in terms of searching for the right outfits at the even better prices. The first thing you have to tell yourself is that certain things should just stay on the screen, and not be an aspiration for your own closet. While it might have been cute when Carrie was fretting over how to buy a new pair of designer shoes at some Fifth Avenue store while still making rent on time, you don't need to have that same struggle.

carrie bradshaw closet Pictures, Images and Photos

If you must have designer shoes, realize that going vintage or going consignment can often save a whole lot of money. Likewise, it is crucial to realize that having a great pair of shoes is often enough to sustain your outfit. You don't need a closet full of them--until your budget can support that kind of habit. Try to get one timeless and versatile pair of sophisticated black heels, and then go with something a bit more spontaneous and bubbly.

Carrie's outfits are supposed to represent that great New York style that everyone has been raving about for years, and the reasoning for this is that since the show was depicting real New York, you were seeing the real fashions of a forward-thinking writer who had been unlucky in love. While outfits might not have repeated on the screen, in the real world, people know that mixing and matching is the way to get the most out of any wardrobe. Be sure to pick up basics that can go with just about anything, and realize that having understated essentials can make your fashion soar.

Carrie Bradshaw Pictures, Images and Photos

The right pair of sophisticated and smart high-waisted pants or a classic little black dress can be the basis for a more exciting and colorful ensemble. Spend on those pieces that you're going to be wearing more often, and try to not blow the bank on something that is very obviously this season. Carrie herself bemoans having out of season clothes cluttering her closet and wrecking her budget, so don't make that same mistake!

Sex and the city 2d

By shopping around a little more, actually restraining yourself when you see a sale you can't afford, and being sure that you have the essentials covered, you can look just as chic and carefree as Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, or Charlotte. Just learn how to stretch your budget, and you'll have a wardrobe that's as long-lasting as it is contemporary.

photos: photobucket

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fashion Don’t: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Fashion

“Fur Is Worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People.” You must have heard the animal rights groups screaming loud to Mary- Kate Olsen whom they dearly call “Hairy Kate” and Ashley Olsen as "Trashley”. The animal rights advocates heavily criticize the twins because of their decision to wear fur and to use it in their fashion designs. However, I don’t wish to speak about whether or not they should stop promoting fur. Instead, I’d like to give attention on how they wear animal print.

If there’s one don’t that I haven’t mentioned on my style tip “how to wear animal print”, it’s that you shouldn’t wear matronly animal prints.

This cheetah-print blouse failed terribly to make Mary-Kate Olsen look like a 23-year-old trendsetter. It does, however, successfully make her look like a cast member of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey".

Mary-Kate Olsen attends the "Holy Rollers" premiere at Landmark'

I wonder if looking matronly can be in the genes. Seeing Ashley in a body-swallowing scarf, frumpy plaid skirt, and raccoon-like eye makeup, she makes a very good counterpart for her twin.

Ashley Olsen  attends the Belvedere Pink Grapefruit launch party

photos: OMG

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Inject culture into your summer fashion wear

Indian Kurta, Mexican stripes, Batik print, Bohemian dress and a sunset cocktail in the Sahara, they’re entirely fabulous. I wonder if this thought occurred to Carie Bradshaw before they - Carie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda - flew to the United Arab Emirates to shoot the very controversial “Sex and the City 2”. Instead of dressing up like dolls which arguably belong in the playroom, some culture inspired summer fashion wear would also be perfect either for Sahara or Morocco.

Through my lovely style feeder, I woke up this morning with a very good question: why not inject culture into your summer fashion wear? Indeed, why not?


photos: keepfeeling.wordpress

Peru fashion is said to be scarce and used to be hard to reach fashion. You had to travel all the way to Peru just to get your copy of traditional Peruvian style - tall high landers hats and colorful crafts that essentially cater the taste of young girls.


T-Bags Beaded jersey is a cuktured inspired maxi dress with multicolored print sleeveless and white beading around the waist and hem.


Tibi Chantilly Cap Sleeve Dress in Navy Multi or Multi-colored silk mini dress with a watercolor. effect calla lily print.


What Goes Around Comes Around Mexican Stripe Pants features wide-leg striped cotton pants feature a drawstring waist and on-seam hip pockets.


This Prada khaki floral silk faille barrel shoulder bag at Bluefly is actually on sale at 20%.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding bells! weddings bells! But I need a veil ..

Just weeks after I had got engaged, I immediately found the dress that was made for me. I didn't have second thoughts at all. When I laid my eyes on it, I knew it's the one. However, looking for the perfect veil is the harder part. I want it to be a short length veil; something that exposes the center details which is the back view. I cannot take a long veil because obviously, it would cover most of the details. But I don't want it to be a bird cage either, it just won't fit. I've spent nights even months searching for the one but still I've no luck.


photo: siamweddingdresses

When I found this veil, I thought that perhaps mine can be something like this but minus the flowers. The flowers would not jibe with the details of my dress, I think. Instead of these flowers, it has to be something else. However, I'm not certain what it should be.

photo: weddingbee

Can you girls be so dear to give me some advice? I know, I've made my presence in this community scarce lately. It's my wedding planning that took center stage at the moment. But please get assured, I have not forgotten you all. It's always my desire to visit you and I hope it can be soon.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hollyweird Style

Summer in Los Angeles is a garden of style inspiration - from the strange things tourists wear to see-through tops worn without a bra, nipples blazing. Whether you live in LA LA Land or not, you can certainly embrace these hot ticket Hollyweird looks.

Vintage '50s Sheer Pintuck Party Dress - Bustown Vintage

I was sifting through one of my favorite vintage haunts last weekend when I met a stranger's proud perky B-cups, standing alert behind a gauzy see-through top. Like everyone else, she came looking for cheap used clothes - instead, she found my heart on a silver platter. It takes a pendulum pair of balls to show your tits that breezily, but I'm sold.

If you wish to recreate this stare-guaranteed, but fashion-titan achievement:
  • Opt for darker tones like sheer wine or sheer black. You're less likely to get thrown out of a Target or cause a three-car pileup.
  • Wear a sheer blouse with jeggings, skinny jeans or layered black shorts + tights. In other words, don't show off more skin than your focal point.
  • Wear a femme tuxedo-style fitted jacket in case you have to cover up.
  • Prepare to be stared at, but don't surrender to insecurity! Attitude is key. The self-confidence you carry with this look is what makes it sexy and empowering. This is single-handedly the most important factor.
The last rule: only rock this look if you have A to B cups. Sorry, Busty Betties, but if your cups runneth over, this look is sincerely not for you. A small set of twins in sheer is bold, fearless-- heroic even! But if you have Salma Hayeks, the look goes from runway to triple-X really fast. Don't despair - let the IBTC have their moment in the sun.

Every boutique on Melrose Avenue is pimping the Welcome Back, Jumper Romper. This '80s inspired one-piece playsuit is a great alternative to wearing a dress and just as low-maintenance. You can find them everywhere these days - from vintage stores and boutiques to Urban Outfitters and Target.

I tried on a strapless plaid playsuit from the latter while my husband shopped for cheap shirts. I quickly learned not all jumpers are created equal. Here's what to look for:
  • Many summer rompers are sleeveless or spaghetti strapped. If you opt for one of these, make sure it provides support for the girls (like the Mod Cloth jumper above). Beware of cheap fabrics and poor construction.
  • In a world with three primary sizes - Small, Medium and Large - it goes without saying that a well-fitting jumper may take a couple tries. Look for number sizes as opposed to S/M/L. You'll want to make sure the crotch fits comfortably - not hanging 'round your knees or worse, the dreaded camel toe. It should rest like a pair of comfy cloth shorts. Double-check for wedgies too.
The last question on your quest for the perfect romper: should you go vintage or retail? Both have their merits. You'll never bump into someone at Urban Outfitters wearing the same jumper if you buy vintage. Then again, modern jumpers may have better fit. It's up to you.

More to come!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Who wouldn't love to read fashionably?

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” ~ Dr. Seuss

photo by: tumblr

As much as I dream to get a book - if not books - published, I also dream to have a personal library where all my favorite books are catalogued. I can be locked up in such a room all day and I wouldn’t get hungry, my voraciousness of books would suffice.

How lovely would it be, when you can lie on a sofa or on a silky bed with your Cinderella dress and fabulous shoes on in a room which is actually a library? Or picture this one, you being too fashion to dusk the shelves of your library just like the girl in this photo.

I can read until my lashes drop close or I can keep dreaming of having this library, but whatever awaits ahead, one thing is certain. Sometimes, it requires a miracle to get a dream come true. But who knows?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ruche Giveaway Winner Announced!

Thank you all for entering our giveaway! We have finally chosen a winner...sorry for the late announcement.

A big congrats to BETH from http://bethsblog43812.blogspot.com/!

Beth, please message/email us with your info and address so we can get the tote shipped out to you!

Thank you all for participating in our giveaway. I'm so glad you all enjoyed our lookbook and was able to share it with all your friends and family. Stephanie Williams's beautiful work was meant to be shared!

Stay tuned for part two of the Summer lookbook and another giveaway. =)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

All the rage summer cutouts

Did you girls ever consider stunning people through your back? Probably, even the most gorgeous dress you have in your closet creates a statement mostly through its front view. But what about its back? Are you tired of a mundane plain back? It's time to let your back speak for you. Cover your cleavage, you don't need it because what is hot right now is something that's all about your back story.



Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fashion tips: Covert flirt outfits

“I’m a flirt!” Some gutsy women’s tees scream these very texts. They’re daring, they’ve made up their mind and they’re comfortable with it. However, not that I’m not daring, but that I’ve decided I’ll never wear clothes with texts printed on it that challenge my personality so that I’ve included it in my Fashion Don’t list [here, it’s first in the list and that’s thanks to LiLo]. But then, does it mean that I’m anti-flirty? Of course not! I actually recommend it to girls. Be flirty but be skilled on it. When you’ve harnessed that skill, people won’t notice – at least right away – that you are indeed flirting. Haha! Sometimes, it’s not the most beautiful girl that captures the heart of Mr. Right. Sometimes, it’s the best flirt.

So how to we flirt in the most covert way? One way that I recommend is of course, through fashion but not with the use of cheap texts, instead, with the use of bows.


Fashion forward yet feminine.
Featuring Moshi's signature "Whitney Bow" printing, this ruffle-embellished tank dress creates divine feminity with sprinkles of flirty look.



Feeling tickled pink? Yes, that phrase is so overdone and I wonder if the I am Fashion girls were the originals of it or if they only just picked it somewhere for the title of one of their lastest posts before they bade farewell, but hey! wearing pink is actually being girly. And with that, we need not debate the motion "This house believes that a man's greatest need is a woman." It goes to the government side with a trashed margin. Such a motion would be the debate, when that pink top comes with a bow.


Who says you shouldn't date a colleague? I did and I actually wrote an article about "Why shouldn't you?" but highlighting the cons - which is uderstandable - because during that time I was trying hard to pen down what I learned from my failed relationship, if you could call so, with a colleague. But there are also many successful relationships and marraige which bloosomed from work. Again, I take the same stance. It isn't wrong to go flirty at work as long as it isn't vulgar so that the entire workplace watches.

Do not be afraid to go flirty through fashion at work. This Striped Bow Trim Knit Top would make your version of covert flirt and it might make a difference for your love life.


What a statement from Valentino. Thin strap across the toes and black bowdetails. Magnificent? You may dare to color your toenails with black, or the seductive red, however, I'd prefer mine natural. I'd rather leave the flirting to my shoes.