Sunday, February 28, 2010

Summer Outfits, Aiko takes on sweatshirts

We all know about the good old proverb "This too shall pass.", right? We really can use it to drive us optimistic about the weather when we feel we had enough of layering. Winter will too pass and we can embrace spring and summer.

To help us girls become optimistic, let us have a look at what's new for summer outfits.

This exene sweatshirt is one of the most fun new look that I saw lately. A combination of vintage hanging blouse, three-fourths sweater and backless concept, this new design is nothing but fresh. The holes details on the sides are very refreshing to the eyes while the space that it gives allows you to move freely.

You can wear it as is and pair it with fitting short shorts, cycling, tights, denim jeans or pencil skirt. Or, if you don't wish to bare your back, you can ware a midriff fitting tube top underneath to cover your back area.

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman. ~ Coco Channel

What is more perfect and flawless than this little black Edo tunic dress? A combination of comfort and cleverness makes for this lovely palette.

Accessorizing this darling with flat boots or strappy sandals would give you a ready-to-go look while if you choose to wear it with stilletos, you are off for a dinner party.

Is this another must-have little black dress?

“I think vests are all about protection. You know what I mean? Like a lifevest protects you from drowning and bulletproof vests protect you from getting shot and the sweatervest protects you from pretty girls. ‘Leave me alone. Can’t you see I’m cold just right here?’' ~ Demetri Martin

Demetri was right. Vests used to be only for protection. But how clever and creative designers are, they turned it into something that gives two things: protection and fashion.

You wear thisKlaus vest with anything and you would never go wrong. But I think that wearing it with something bright or light color would make the vest as the center of attention. I usually pair black with white. I always love the effects black and white create. Although wearing it in this country connotes mourning, I don't really pay attention. All I care about is fashion. An ensemble such as this little white dress paired with Klaus? It's perfect.

So what about you girls? What are the new summer outfits that you're excited to sport on?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Where to shop for your perfect bikini?

“People shop for a bathing suit with more care than they do a husband or wife. The rules are the same. Look for something you'll feel comfortable wearing. Allow for room to grow.”
~ Erma Bombeck

I found these words of Erma very true whenever I shop for another pair of women's bathing suit. I am very careful in choosing. I see to it that I bring home something that reflects my personality. I opt for designs that are unique, colors that are not too loud but are certain not to float only as backgrounds, textiles that are refreshing to the skin, a swimsuit that totally stands out even in the middle of a sea of bikinis.

I'd like to choose bikinis that brings attention to my hips, bottom and legs. These are my biggest assets and they simply deserve justice. I prefer the top to bring attention to my shoulders and arms that are very proportion to my figure. This Vix Glamour Tri is an example.

People see your personality based on what you wear. Even if these pieces of clothes conceal the parts that are covered, these same clothes as well reveal what you have inside, your personality. Therefore I believe, that swimwear for women shops should provide for women the chance to see through varied designs that would enable them to choose something that identifies them. It would make shopping for the next swimsuit a whole lot easier.

Orchid boutique is such a haven for all the wonderful swimsuits designs from the calibre swimwear designers. It is in this shop where I found all the latest swimwear elite looks catalogued for you to examine and if liked, to shop by just a mere click. It is like a lookbook for all the trendiest bathing suits for women for 2010. They have all the newest unique designs.

“Slow buds the pink dawn like a rose. From out night's gray and cloudy sheath; Softly and still it grows and grows, Petal by petal, leaf by leaf.” ~ Susan Coolidge

Who doesn't love pink? It is the very color of girls, sweet and playful. This Betsey Johnson Swim
Layer Cake Underwire is not just another Fuchsia. It is with ensembles that are nothing simply functional. They are stylish and they've got purpose. The off shoulder sharings all around the chests and back create a full-bosom effects. This is perfect for women that are not so blessed in this context.
The skirt-like sharings for the bikini not only supply additional hips width and circumference for the wearer but also serve as protection for someone who comes home from work on a friday, hurries to pack her stuff for a long weekend holiday, thanks to Macha Bucha, makes sure that she's got everything in her new Laura Rafia beach bag, but realizes she's got no time for brazilian wax. No worries, everything's under control.

“A girl in a bikini is like having a loaded pistol on your coffee table - There's nothing wrong with them, but it's hard to stop thinking about it” ~ Garrison Keillo

Haha! to all the boys who can't stop thinking. They can't stop for some good reasons.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

DIY - Wall Decor from Ruche's Lookbook

Hi Ladies,
I've finally had a chance to put together this DIY post from Ruche's first Spring lookbook. Sorry for the delay! Everything is extremely easy and can spruce up any plain wall in your home.

1. Floral wall made out of butcher paper

Stephanie got a roll of butcher paper and we were debating what do to with it. The night before the photo shoot, the Ruche team decided to make paper flowers and taped it to the wall. It was inspired by the book "paper chains and garlands" by June Gilbank that my husband picked up from Barnes and Nobles weeks before, hoping to one day use it..indeed we did! See instructions below.

We made different shaped and sized flowers out of butcher paper. For this particular wall, we covered the wall with butcher paper first, and then taped the flowers to it. This method could be used on a smaller scale and can be framed in a boxed picture frame too! You can also mix it up with different colored papers. BE CREATIVE!

2. Book paper mache wall

We picked up some used cheap paper back books at the thrift store. You don't necessary need old antique books, just books with pages with a yellow tint. (If you're wondering, we used Secret Garden, 3 Ninjas, and some other one. haha) We used a paint roller to roll "Sta-Fold" (liquid starch that use for iron clothes) all over the wall, stuck old book papers on wall, and rolled another coat of "Sta-fold". Work one section at a time. Wait for it to dry..and TADA!

To make the shelves out of books, you just pick a book you want to use as a shelf, put l-brackets through it, and screw it to the wall. Instead of stacking more books on it, you can substitute with pictures frames, vases, and more!

3. Natural Peel-able Wallpaper

You can make a cornstarch paste that can be used to paste fabric on your walls. The cool thing is that you can easily peel off the fabric and change it up. Recycle your fabric by putting it in the wash and you have the same fabric you started with.

Cornstarch paste is easy to make and works well for both wallpaper and papier mâché. Make one batch at a time to avoid lumps in the paste. For one gallon of paste, sift one cup of cornstarch into a large pot. Slowly add one gallon of hot tap water a little at a time, whisking thoroughly after each addition of water with a wire whisk. Heat the mixture on medium high heat on the stove, stirring constantly, until it thickens and becomes clear. Let the paste cool to room temperature for use. Instructions take here and here . As for the bottom section, the boys (Stephanie's hubby and mine) looked up how to install wainscotting and went at it. It turned out great!

4. Antique looking wooden floors
Stephanie introduced me to milk paint and I love it. Looks like I'll be painting EVERYTHING with milk paint. If you want that old antique finish on your furniture, milk paint is an excellent solution.

For our lookbook, the boys made this floor out of 2x4 wood blocks and we painted it with "oyster white" milk paint.

Hope you enjoyed our DIY post. If you ever get to using any of these ideas, I'd LOVE to see pictures!!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fabulously Bumpy: Style Guide for Pregnant Women

One of the scariest things about getting married is that you'll eventually get pregnant. And for girls like us who are conscious about looks and outfits, this thought can be really frightening. Questions like "what if I won't get my body back?" or "what if I'll get so many stretch marks?" pop in. But most especially we ask, "what about my fashion?"

Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die! ...
~ Mean girls

Do you have to forbid yourself from the joy of sex and the bliss of marriage all for the sake of fashion? Of course not! Gone are the days when being pregnant is considered a blow to being fashion. Thanks to our dear celebrities who made it a fashion being pregnant. Aw, did you notice that? Being pregnant is fashion. But girls, don't hurry.

So I thought it is of great importance to blog about how do we maintain our creativity and *fashionability even if we are pregnant?

Hear my tips ...

Don't wear plain pregnancy dress just for the sake of comfort.
I have not been pregnant but I know that pregnancy brings so many discomforts the reason why many pregnant girls tend to settle with comfortable but boring very pregnant dresses. If you don't want to stain the stylish image you heart to maintain, then choose dresses that are sexy but are also comfortable such as Ella maternity. They can be dresses that show off your toned shoulders and arms or mini dresses that shows off your legs. You can decide to highlight either at a time. If you want to show only your arms and shoulders, you can wear mini dress or empire cut top and pair it with some black tights. This combination works even with you having the bump. Additionally, the dresses and blouses that you'd invest for during this period would never go wasted simply because you can still use them even after pregnancy.

Stay slim.
Some lucky girls stay slim even after getting pregnant and only that cute visible bump gives proof that there's real baby on the way. However, to most girls, they gain significant weight during pregnancy. This is when the challenge to look slim strikes. If this would be true to any of you, girls, then I suggest that you choose sleeveless blouses or dresses with thin straps or what we call spaghetti straps. Seek for clothes with vertical or diagonal narrow stripes pattern or a creation of dark prints which create a slimmer look. Should a taste for flowery designs comes, which is very likely if you're carrying a girl, make sure you stick for tiny prints. Bloom maternity black dresses aclaim the oldest fact we all know, that black always create a slimmer look.

Put your hands on those old stuff, wear your old stretchable denim jeans.
There are days when wearing jeans gives us the feeling of freedom that is denied by some clothes. Therefore it is a pain to not able to wear them when you feel like wearing. Well girls, the good news is that there is a way. Search your closet and look for some old jeans that you think still fit on the legs preferably those stretchable ones. Look for some old turtle neck top preferably black or gray. Then get some good sciscors, big needles and thread. Cut off the upper part of your jeans a little above the secret pocket towards the belt area. If the jeans are low waist style, then only a little portion would be removed, otherwise, it's up to you to estimate the length that would suit your height. The thing is, the pockets, after your done with your designing, would immediately extend below the bump. Next, cut off the neck area of your turtle neck top. It is expectedly stretchable and long. Now, you would have to sew the neck you cut from the turtle neck top to attach to your jeans. When done, you would now have a stylish preggy jeans that is still wearable even after you'll have the baby.

If you don't have the time or the materials that you'll need to create your home-made preggy jeans, then you can invest for some denim jeans like these. Your own design would actually look like this but only without the belt area. If it is summer and you prefer something cooler that are also denim, then you can wear denim pedal pants. They would in no way make you less stylish.

Making the decision to have a child- it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.
-Elizabeth Stone

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.
- Unknown Author


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Monday, February 22, 2010

Go wild and free! Get your accessory!

“All good things are wild, and free.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Did you hear that girls? Did you read that? Yes, some if not all good things can really be wild and free! Take a look at these creations and tell me if they aren't good enough - for free!

“I know many married men, I even know a few happily married men, but I don't know one who wouldn't fall down the first open coal hole running after the first pretty girl who gave him a wink.”
~ Buddha.

Haha! to dear Buddha. All the while I thought he never looked at any girl. It never occurred to me that he would be so willing to fall in a pit of coal all for the sake of a pretty girl's wink. Or perhaps, "All married men ..." Was he ever been married? That I do not know. But if that pretty girl he's talking about is wearing this Coal and Collected neclace with multi color effect that is easily adjustable, I bet his philosophy would apply even to those happily unmarried men. ;)

Cleopatra Cuff. Cleaopatra, she is a beauty, isn't she?

Oh, if only Cleopatra's nose was shorter, the entire world would have a new definition of beauty. The whole face of the world would have been changed! Her beauty was in itself not altogether incomparable. But somehow, creativity and wild imagination can entirely make a difference. 'Cause if not, how has her beauty been captured in a cuff? Oh, wait ... big apologies, ladies. Such a mistake! This isn't how Cleopatra looked like. But this is a kind that she would wear. Now, that definitely, isn't a mistake.But beware girls, this cuff creates a new image of Cleopatra. This makes a super rocker-esk Cleopatra.

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.” ~ Richard Buckminster. But there is nothing in a butterfly that tells you it is just a pin. This Flutterfly Pin can be your own version of Blair Waldorf's pin. Would you need it in a scheme to make your boyfriend jealous and get his attention because he's becoming a workaholic or a self-possessed achiever? You don't need a Lord to get his full attention back , you just need a pin. ;) Haha! How easy.

“In fact, it makes me mad when someone kills snakes or dogs or cats or horses. I don't even like to eat meat - that is how much I am against killing....” ~ Charles

Good old Charles would love us 'cause we girls don't kill snakes, we wear them! Do the committee of snake murderers need proofs? What about this Snake Belt with Antique Circle? This vintage inspired belt is nothing but wild and adorable.

Ladies, I can go on and on for all the good things that are wild and free. But I had my chance and now it's yours. These are just my choices. You can visit the site to choose for more.

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Go rock your wild side for a good cause!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Arrivals - Spring Palette

Back from Mexico! I will be posting a DIY post on the paper flower backgrounds used for the Spring lookbook later this week. Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Get a man in uniform, get that military look!

And so, the youngsters you have today, even though there are far fewer of them - in World War II 16.5 million men and women in uniform, today roughly a million in uniform in spite of the fact that the country is almost twice as large a population as we had in World War II. ~ Oliver North



I truly admire men and women in uniform. Their greatness and heroic deeds are something I can hardly fathom. But hey, their outfit is something I can copy and wear. I show my admiration by patronizing Fashion fatigue.

I only have one set of this outfit: fatigue shorts, black navy sleeveless top, light brown navy belt with holes all around, and an algae-colored high heels. I feel a combination of smartness and sexiness whenever I wear the outfit. That's why I'm planning to add more. :)

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Creative Fashion by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Since we talk about Creative Fashion, then let's talk about Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.





When I first met the name Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, it stuck. Not because I liked the name, but because it was the contrary. It's not that the name is ugly, but it's how my mom used to address me by it whenever she was mad at me; as a kid, that is. Donya Agatha!

But perhaps it helped. I became curious about the designer behind the name. For how many times, and quite several times, I googled about her. And what a consequence! her designs are called Creative fashion. I had to find more about her. And here's what I've found.

She's from Madrid. She's married to Pedro Almodóvar and she has two kids. She was formerly a star of the dynamic modiva period of the late 80's but eventually faded in popularity. Then she made a comeback and worked to restore her name through fashion designing.

She sticks to bold Pop Art patterns — flowers, hearts, stars, food and anything you meet in your house or in the streets.

Her designs are creative and distinct. I actually wondered at first if there's anyone who would use the designs which I think are wacky and weird. Would you walk in the streets with a sunny side-up egg on your dress, a bread on your head or a cage over half your body? Perhaps in the movies?

But browsing more from her collections, my impression changed from apprehension into wishful interest seeing all the colorful and easy to wear garments that she has made. The colors and patterns create an everyday summer feel and comfort. They are stuff that the mean girls in the campus would wear.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

MÍMKHO designs at New York Fashion Week



Olyia Mimkho, a girl from Russia whose family migrated to New York, is a sweater designer known for her extraordinary skills in knitting.

First pair: I love the look. I hate to wear.
Second pair: I love the look. I love to wear.

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photos from

Anna Sui Designs: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week



A designer who "never panders" and one of the decade's top five, Anna Sui packed the tent during her show at New York Fashion Week.

Here are my picks from her designs.

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photos from

Ready to wear Black



We know that black is the most powerful color be it in fashion, business, academic or anything. However, if we are to wear black, we have to be certain that it is something really special. Why? Because it's easy to look dull in black, or worse, it can easily blend as a background. Therefore, it's not only that you wear the color, it also has to be the style.

With long flared twill skirt, lower hem at the back, satin ribbon lace up details on the front and back, hidden zip at the back, this Venomous black from Kate is nothing but gorgeous. Another neccesary evil!

But hey, don't fret. It's affordable and worth for £49.99.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ditch that dull winter layering!




When it comes to layering, why do we have to settle for less? Typical black, gray, brown or stereotype combinations? Why don't we try and push the envelope much further? Is there anything to be scared of? Why don't we find ways to grace the streets in a more daring, adventurous and creative way? Isn't that art? Isn't that fashion?

Thanks to Refinery29, they've spotted and trimmed down the most daring and wackiest layering in the streets of New York.

I'm loving the third look. It's the fiercest most untypical not to mention the bravest fashion to sport on. That's for me. What about you, girls?

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