Sunday, May 31, 2009

shoes i covet

I did say that I adore stilettos but I'm not less than worship this pair of shoes when I saw it. I'm totally speechless :)

fancy piggy bank for a trip to europe

I found this fancy piggy bank from ETsy, an online store that I am planning to join [when I get my credit card fixed], and it's just perfect for my saving every penny for my trip to Europe to visit my boyfriend in December. It's called "little vintage 60's piggy bank".
Check it out at Etsy's store.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

wear your perfect figure with corset

I honestly don’t own a corset and it never was in my thoughts ever to have one not until I noticed the uniqueness of this evolved vintage wear that we call modern corset.
A corset was a must in the early fashion because it girds the torso and shapes it accordingly as defined by the fashionable silhouette of the days when women were more expected to bear a perfect figure. Some women wore corsets tighter than necessary and bought corsets with smaller waists. Corsets were then typically worn inside the garments. According to stories, some women who purchased an 18 or 20 inch waist corset ended up with broken ribs, having ribs removed, and causing fatal injury because of tight lacing. [Ouch, that’s gross] But I think it’s just exaggeration, lol.

Fact is, corsets serve one primary function: to give the body a "fashionable" shape. Thus, it is not a surprise that ancient corsets evolved into the modern era.

Wearing and taking care of corsets requires more skill and knowledge than any other clothes. There are some few tips that I found from Romantasy
or at the available Customer Advice.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

chic combination

Who says fashion is about perfect matching? [I'm talking about color] Well, that's completely ancient. This chic light green jacket is certainly not a color match of the sexy striped shorts, but instead, a perfect accentuation of all shades. Should I say it is okay as long as you pick a pair of sun glasses of the same color match? Not really, as long as it suit the shape of your face, whatever size and shade does not really matter.

Nicole Richie Maxi Dress EXCLUSIVE

Nicole Richie Maxi Dress EXCLUSIVE

Length: 127 cm
Bust area: 96 cm


This dress is designed exclusive by DEUTZYG BOUTIQUE.
This maxi dress is inspired by Nicole Richie.

Price: 225,000 rupiah

To order, please SMS to 0878 5173 8963 or email to (Tasniem Fauzia Rais)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

wanna be unique? try these hairstyles

I'm sure you'll get all the attention with any of these hairstyle you'll put on. I'm not that daring though, so I'll take the bottom crown-like hair-do.

some gaudy celeb hairstyle

short boyfriend is trendy

Although I prefer tall men [just like my boyfriend], I believe that height is not all what makes a man. Short men actually tend to be more competitive so as to compensate their height. And guess what? Having a short guy for a boyfirend is actually trendy. So perhaps, it's time to change the stereotype.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Maxi Dress Collections by Deutzyg

Here are collections of Maxi Dress that DEUTZYG BOUTIQUE has produced so far.
We are located in Indonesia. Our products are high-quality maxi dresses made of cotton, chiffon, satin, and BATIK materials. We are highly proud of Batik, and we want to expand batik market to the world. If you are interested to buy, you can contact us by chatting with us: (YAHOO Messenger) (MSN Messenger)
or order by email to or sms to +62-878-5173-8963
(contact person: Tasniem Fauzia)

Lindsay Maxi Dresses for 20 US Dollars.

Green Tea, Peach, Caffe Latte, Orange Maxi Dresses for 20 US dollars.

Maxi Dress Hillary, Lolly pop, Angela, Blossom, Purple Flower, Pink Flower Collections from 18 US dollars - 20 US dollars

Cool Maxi Dresses: Blue Ocean, Green Sea, J-Lo Maxi Dresses for 21 US Dollars.