Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sale, how I love thee! LnA Cape Tee and Chaser LA/NYC

chaser LA

There is no doubt that Nicole Ritchie has blossomed into one of a huge fashion icon. Her House of Harlow and Winter Kate products not surprisingly were flying off the racks in minutes – if not seconds. Who wouldn’t want to salvage any of her designs? There is even no doubt that I was swept by this admiration that I naturally became a fan of both her lines. If blogging about her often does not make things obvious, that is.

What a doll is this girl who once said that so much has happened to her life so that lifting her top up in the midst of a crowd would not really matter? But indeed so much are about to happen to your summer whereabouts, girls, if you, too, are to sport this outfit she was seen modeling around her town lately. She simply gave us another answer to our quest for more adoring summer outfits.

My favorite boutique has identified the kind of seller that rose to the top – LnA Cape Tee. Their theory is that because favorite celebrities such as Nicole Ritchie and Ashley Tisdale are seen wearing them, fashion girls were whacking the shelves to get them too.

LnA Cape Tee has extremely loose fit with off-the-shoulder cut. They are especially perfect if you would take a stroll around the city under the sun. Even if you sweat? No worries. They'd be quick to dry. The loose fit would prevent you from feeling sticky and ughh!

Chaser LA and Chaser NYC Tops bear the same concept. Comfort and style to make your summer getaways.

We got a coupon code for you to salvage these looks at 10% off. Use the code SPRING10
when you check out at the counter. If you want more grand sale, visit this link to Boutique to You. You can get more shocking discounts other than the spring10 code. Hilarious!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daydream With Us For A Chance to WIN!

Come along, get some peace of mind, and tell us where you dream of going for some R&R, and you can win a memento from our recent trip to Mexico! Now that we've shared our dream vacation outfits, we'd love for you to tell us about your dream vacation and your dream vacation outfit! Share with us what Ruche item(s) you would bring with you, and where you would take it.

10 lucky contestants will be randomly selected to win a mini suede coin purse from San Miguel de Allende with a little goodie inside!

1. Leave a comment on this blog post with your name AND what Ruche item(s) you would take on your dream vacation. Email is NOT required, but you MUST check back to see if you've won.

2. The item(s) listed must be currently offered by

3. Limit only 1 entry per person. Open internationally!

4. Be creative!

5. Contest ends April 5, 2010. The name of the winners will be announced by April 9, 2010, so please check back to see if you've won!

Contest Disclaimer:
Comments will be numbered (in the following order: blog comments then facebook comments) and we will use to find the winner.

No purchase necessary. We reserve the right to close the contests early or late without warning. We will post the name of the winner on April 9, 2010. You may exchange the item for a gift certificate of the same value, but you must request it upon winning. Upon winning, you agree that your name can be published on this blog at the close of the contest. You must contact us within 7 days after the winner has been announced to claim your prize. "Goodie" inside the coin purse may be an item, gift certificate, or special one time discount.

Fashion Dictionary Made Easy: Capri pants vs. Bermuda shorts

capri pants vs. Bermuda shorts

Which set are Capri pants? A or B?

Capri pants ("capris") are a style of pants designed to end mid-calf or just below the calf otherwise known as long shorts or three-quarters.

Bermuda shorts are a type of short trousers around one inch above the knee otherwise known as walking shorts or dress shorts.

Both Capri pants and Bermuda shorts are widely worn as semi-casual attire by both men and women during warm weather.

Capri pants were my favorites during my university days. I’d always wear them with sketchers or tennis shoes, mid-riff shirt and accessorize them with a big JanSport backpack. But we didn’t call them Capri pants. We called them pedal pants or three-fourths.

Bermuda shorts became my favorites when I started working and especially after I moved to this country where the temperature is much hotter. I love to wear them most of the times with tennis shoes and occasionally with boots or stilettos.


Capri pants end at mid-calf or just below the calf. Bermuda shorts end around one inch above the knee.

Fashion Dictionary Made Easy: The Birth

fashion dictionary

When I first plunged into fashion blogging my fashion lingo was very limited. There were only two things that aided me – the heart for writing and the passion for fashion. But they weren’t adequate. I was not confident in writing; words were very scarce. For several times I wanted to quit, but I’m glad I didn’t. From simply posting my daily outfits I recreated my blog by writing about fashion trends that I’ve spotted and that I deemed attention worthy.

But I wanted to write fashion articles that make sense. Therefore I need more knowledge about fashion and how things work in the industry. This is a great challenge for a fashion outsider like me whose world evolves only around numbers and a bit of literature.

The first big step into achieving the goal is the purchase of a Fashion Writer eGuide – Breaking Into and Succeeding as a Fashion Writer. You bet I’m serious. Haha!

But I’d like to make this challenge a fun endeavor. I decided to work on improving my fashion lingo first. And as I do so, I’d like to share what I’m learning to you, my dear readers.

Fashion Dictionary Made Easy would simplify fashion lingos that are unfamiliar to fashion outsiders like me. We'll use a combination of words and graphics in defining each vocabulary.

Join me on my journey to fashion writing. Fashion Dictionary Made Easy: Capri pants vs. Bermuda shorts.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Etsy Finds what I love across Europe


Who does not love Etsy? Even before this blog was born I was already Etsy hunting. I even considered joining the hunters by becoming an Etsy retailer so that I would have the reason to hunt for what I'd love and then sell whatever is beyond the budget. Ha! Things became too hectic that spare time only allows me to manage this passion blog. But my weekly, if not daily, etsy watch is on going. It is never idle. The shop recently has turned its eyes at every angle across Europe leaving nothing unexamined by its lense.

"Etsy is taking a trip through Europe, with Etsy sellers from eleven different European countries. Take a look for yourself with our Shop Local feature — you'll find shops across borders near and far. Are you already on your way to Berlin for the grand opening party on April 1 at their new Etsy office? Get going! You only have a week left. RSVP for the party here."

I wanted to join the party but I was too late. The hall was fully booked. Therefore I contented myself checking all the finds - Etsy Finds: Across the Pond, Etsy Finds: Go Euro, Etsy Finds: Early Bird or Night Owl?, Etsy Finds Decor: Romantic Curiosities.

Did you girls get those notices too? From women's fashion, to home decors, to paintings, to photography and everything in between. You bet, I satisfied my thirst first with what's I'm more into. Thusm here are my picks:

SPRING SALE (S-M) Lace-Up Leg Warmers in Purple - READY TO SHIP
Style Tip: Wear them pulled up over your heels, scrunched down around your ankles, or peeking out of your boots for three completely different looks.
Vintage Shoes- Gold and Silver Rose Lace Pumps size 7
Grace Couture - Brown Ostrich Feather Purse with Swarovski Crystal Trim -ONE OF A KIND
Nuno felted wrist arm warmers - Growing Spring on my skin OOAK
Lily Pad Brooch in Pastel Tones
Custom tea dress - a rare vintage vera print, fifties inspired
Tournoyer - Silver Copper and Oxidized Silver Ring

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sale, how I love thee! Gladiator sandals


"I think women in flat shoes look beautiful – but – it is more difficult to look graceful. When women wear flat shoes they often walk: stomp, stomp, stomp –like a man. It is more of a challenge to be feminine in flats. You look at Audrey Hepburn or Brigitte Bardot when they wore flats – they were beautiful; like a little reindeer – but it is not like that for everyone.”

Those were the words of our great Manolo Blahnik. I'm not really sure if he was referring mainly to flat shoes or if his statement generalized all footwear including sandals. Because if he did, that calls for a debate. What says you, girls?

Would you take it if you're only beautiful but not graceful with these gladiators? Gladiator sandals are my favorite flats. They make me feel comfortable but smart. And even if they're flats, they don't really make me walk: stomp, stomp, stomp because I had rehersed for a million times how to walk gracefully that it applies even if I wear flats. [Okay, that's a little bragging.]

These Matt Bernson gladiator sandals are perfect for spring and summer. Celebrities spotted wearing them include Giselle, Lindsay Lohan, Nicky Hilton, Courtney Cox and Audrina Patridge . It's even perfect if you can get your next gladiators at 10% off using the code spring10.

Use Code SPRING10 to get 10% off your order at Boutique to You!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Expose your Best Assets with Drapes


There is one style that takes center stage this season. It is said to hide a multitude of sins and play up your very best assets. Drapes create gorgeous waves while clinging on to your great curves, making you look fresh and relaxed, elegant and stylish. The fabric is always soft and light giving you more rooms for movement.

Purple Label - Women's Oceana Tunic Dress (Black/Taupe) short sleeve tunic dress with contrasting layer draped over the front.
Simone Draped Overlay Dress 50%off - a beautiful silk piece featuring a ruched front sash and a hidden back zipper. This dress also has small side pockets as an added detail.
Rachel Roy Signature Draped skirt - this silk-jersey skirt features drapes at the front and back. Hidden side zip. Lined.
Kaylee tankus grey pinch back dress - heather grey jersey knit dress with side cowl. double paneled drape back with gather at lower back. model wears size small. You must see the back part girls. It's hilarious!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Daily Style and Shopping Guide


Shopping is always fun with friends. I'm not sure if there's any girl in here who would disagree with this. Oftentimes we need to tow our girls behind when we shop so that we get a gang to solicit ideas from. "What do you think with this color?", "Which one looks better?", "Do I look thin with this?", "Does it fit well my behind?" etc, etc. But what about if your girl friends are always too busy, just like you, to give you company whenever you shop? Or what about if your friends, even though they're stylish, do not share your own sense of style because you girls just have too much of individuality? Do you content yourself shopping alone without a support team?

Not in my case. And definitely not in these days. StyleFeeder gives me 24 hour assistance for whenever I get the urge to shop. This support team of mine tells me what's hot for me according to my style and taste. How do they do this? When you sign up, they'll give you tons of shoes to pick from. Then they'll give you tons of dresses and other apparels to choose from. Then they'll give you tons of accessories to pick all that you fancy. At the end, they'll give you finished looks to rate and comment on, and again, according to your taste. This enables them to analyse and identify your sense of style. And from that, they'll give you regular feedback about what stuff you would love to add in your closet. Believe me, whenever your team knocks your wardrobe, you'll never say "No". Because it would exactly be something you'd love. Why? It's your style feeder. Look at these looks I am advised to get today. They made me drop my jaw 'cause they're very me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Interview with Kate Spade


Creative Fashion was very lucky to have the chance to interview Kate Spade, the fashion designer behind the chic handbags - Kate Spade brand.

Young people aspiring to break into the fashion world as fashion designers usually start with going to fashion school. How has your start been different?

I think that my journey to fashion designing was different in a way that I did not go to fashion school. I arrived in New York in 1986 from Kansas City and was working as accessories editor for Mademoiselle Magazine. While working at Mademoiselle I noticed that the market lacked stylish and sensible handbags, so I decided to create my own.

How exactly did you start designing your bags and how did you market them?

I started designing my handbags in my apartment and I had six samples made in satin-finished nylon. I displayed them at trade shows but they went unnoticed at first. Later I started getting orders from some of the leading stores Fred Segal, Bergdorf Goodman. I realized then that my bags were being noticed by the fashion world.

What do you think made your bags famous and how are they different from other designers’ bags?

I created my bags from the notion of developing a well-edited line of fashionable, but not "trendy" handbags. By designing styles that will be as relevant tomorrow as they are today, my brand has established itself as a modern classic. The colors and material are modern and chic and the designs are very eye catching. The bags consistently maintain a high level of quality at a palatable price.

Right now Kate Spade bags are being distributed around the world. But where did you first open your shop?

The first shop was opened in New York City’s Soho in 1996. Kate Spade then opened its doors in Boston in 1998. Boutiques were opened in Chicago, San Francisco, Greenwich, Connecticut and Manhasset, Long Island in 2000. And it’s true; Kate Spade bags are now available almost anywhere with 46 boutiques in the United States, 32 in Japan, 6 in Hong Kong, and 4 in the Philippines as well as 2 in Jakarta.

No matter how high-end or how functional a product is, there would always be criticisms. In what aspect was Kate Spade ever criticized?

Well, at one point it was pointed out that Kate Spade bags were easy to fake. But now the immense selection would even take fake handbag makers ages to replicate.

How important are handbags as accessory for women in your opinion?

I believe that accessories should bring color and texture to an every day wardrobe based on each individual's sense of style. a handbag is only one item to be worn with a complete outfit. Add a peony pink leather handbag to a charcoal gray suit, for instance, and the impact is chic with a touch of wit. In the same way that men wear ties to add personality to their clothing, so too should women wear their accessories.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Journey Continues - Ruche Lookbook Part II

Part II of our Spring Lookbook in San Miguel de Allende is finally here! Photography by Stephanie Williams of course.

Here is sneak peek, click here to take a look at the rest!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Name This Dress Winner!

THANK YOU all for participating in our "Name this Dress" Contest! Over 800 entries and 2000+ names to choose from, we found our winner. The one we liked most was actually submitted after the end date, so the entry was disqualified. =( But we did find a replacement. Let's give a big CONGRATS to Amy, who wanted to name the dress: "Lemonade and Freckles Dress"! The reason: It just sounded really cute and original. Amy, contact us to claim your prize!

Stay tuned for the next contest!

PS. Part deux of the Mexico Lookbook is coming very VERY soon!

Natural Worn Out jeans: AG Denim


Some keen observers have said that jeans are one of the items that are not often seen in the blogosphere. Perhaps this is due to the notion that jeans are simply for usual everyday outfit. Thus style bloggers, those who blog about their daily outfits, rarely feature themselves wearing jeans.

Even though there is truth about jeans being a ready-to-go everyday outfit, they can also be done up so that you can create an elegant look from them. More importantly, there are several ways you can choose to wear jeans such as creating geek or boyish free style look. I'd like to take a note at how celebrities wear jeans.

A one-of-a-kind look that celebrities are seen sporting lately is the mimic of an old denim jeans, worn out by ex-boyfriends, a wash that's been worn for years. Created in 2000 by jean geniuses Adriano Goldschmied and Yul Ku, AG Denim quickly rose to celeb status. Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria, Fergie, Heidi Klum, Gwynth Paltrow, Vanessa Minnillo, Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz, are few from the many that patronize AG denim. The idea of this brand is to create jeans that copies the look of a worn out jeans over the years but in a natural polished way with modern touch.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Monika speaks about botkier

st satchel

It was a delight when I came across the interview with Monika Botkier, the designer behind my favorite brand of bags, featured at eye4style. I had blogged about botkier in the past and many of our readers adore the bags too.

Today, I would let myself parrot some things from the interview that I deem beneficial to my readers who are fans of the same brand.

Monika’s principle in designing is to create bags that are “stylish, luxe and functional but do not break the bank”.

For being “stylish” she might refer to original and creative custom detailing. And for being “functional”, well, that is something that most designers bag which are so pro-stylish usually neglect. Ask yourself. Do you panic when your phone rings because you have to dig deep down your bag quickly before you miss the call? Monica rightly believes that busy city-girls need their bag to organize things for them.

When Monica says botkier delivers a woman’s needs, e.g style and luxe, with emphasis on functionality without the need to break the bank, it is clear what she'd meant. Girls, look at these HOWARD st. satchel bags. How would you feel bringing home one of your choice for only $475? Btw, Monica must be carrying that bag in natural snake during the interview.

Know more about Monica. Read the interview. Visit

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guest blogging at

hit or miss

Finally, I had the courage to take up guest blogging. I had a couple of invitations to do so but it took me sometime to actually write for these lovely sites that are giving me oppurtunity. I always have them in mind. While I juggle day job [teaching Mathematics to secondary students], private tutorials after school, or debate training [prepping my debaters for the next national tournament] and blogging [after a 14-hours work], I'm getting used to multi-tasking. While on my way to my next tutorial, for example, I use the time to generate ideas; or sometimes while having lunch. Now tell me who's not getting overworked? haha! You can guess, it takes a lot of food supplement.

So, for my first ever guest blogging, I wrote something about celebrity outfit. I made it kind of puzzle. Me asking questions, the readers guessing, and finally concluding if the outfit is a hit or a miss.

Check the article out Celebrity outfit: Hit miss? at

4 Easy Ways to Wrap Your Scarf for that Casual Look


Here are various ways to wear your scarves casually. Tie it in a simple knot, turn it into a European classic, let it fall freely, and make a quick toss.

Most people wear their scarf in a casual manner to make it easy and simple for them. This is also a perfect match for your casual clothes. You can add style and elegance to that everyday look with these simple steps:

Tie it in a simple knot

This is done by folding your scarf lengthwise. You can fold it to your preferred thickness. Let the ends hang from your neck then tie it into a knot. You can either fluff up your scarf to hide the knot or you can turn the knot at the side of your neck for some style.

Turn it into a European classic

Fold your scarf crosswise then let it hang from your neck. On one side is the folded end and on the other side are the loose ends. Insert the loose ends into the hole of the folded end then tighten scarf as desired. Any type of scarf will do for this style.

Let it fall freely

You can let the scarf have a free fall or hang down from the neck either in front or at your back. This is the easiest and quickest way to wear your scarf casually. Use dark colored and printed scarves for this look.

Make a quick toss

To do this, let the scarf hang down from your neck then toss one end towards your back. You can also fold the scarf lengthwise. Again, fold it into your preferred thickness. You can tighten the wrap in a manner that suits you. This is the most common way to wear a scarf. It would be best to use plain-colored scarves for this kind of look.

These are just some of the most common ways to wear your scarf. You can experiment and wear what you think is best for you. Use different colors, texture, and designs to gain variety. This would look great even if worn casually. What is great about being casual is that you get to stay in your comfort zone.

Shop this Look

Mac & Jac Women's Attached Infinity Scarf Sweater,Taupe,SmallFLoral Multi 100% Viscose Lady's Scarf , 9.GOLDSCARVES-CAMEL PASHMINA STOLE from Cashmere Pashmina Group in 55 vibrant colors (CAMEL)Stars Multi Color Viscose Scarf (Purple) Gold Brown Peacock Scarf,Scarves for Women-Italy Style White Silk Chiffon Shawl w/Hand Embroidered Gold Brown Peacock & Sequined Throughout .Soft Touch w/Convenient Size at 24" x 62" +7"x2 For All Seasons. Satisfaction Guaranteed !

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Tips for your best summer dress!


Less and less we feel chilly, less and less smoke comes out the chimney. Yay! Summer is approaching. The big sun is coming. Such great news! Now brace yourself for the next move, Summer Dress hunting! It’s time to add your wardrobe with the best summer dress you can find. But take heed, as you do so, there are things you might want to consider:

Go flowery. I don’t know if you girls noticed but it’s just weird wearing something flowery during winter. You layer and layer but you stick with mostly plain dark colors. I don’t ask why. It is, so that more heat is preserved. But we don’t need such heat during summer, right? Therefore we go for a combination of bright or light colors. We basically get the mix of bright colors through flowery or printed summer dress. They give you the feel of freshness and high inspiration.

Whoops! You walk down the street and you see all the other girls in printed flowery too. Of course, you would not want to fade in the midst of all the walking colorful prints just like that. Therefore you have to consider the style. Choose the cut of your dress so that there are no other girls with the same. They may have the color, but they don’t have the style.

I would take a shoulder straps dress, cross at the back, lined with mesh for a fuller skirt, with flower prints all over such as Jack BB Dakota flower print dress. It would be a mini dress.

Go for plain single color, go orange. Maybe you don’t want to go flowery everyday. Take a single color for your summer dress. But make sure that it is orange. Orange is the most stylish powerful color among all the bright colors. It is almost black. You will never go wrong with it. It blends well with many colors. I strongly suggest accessorizing it with something black or brown. White would work too.

For my orange dress, I would want it to be a long tube dress hanging down to my feet. I would accessorize it with an elegantly waisted Kelly belt. I'd let the belt be responsible for shaping the dress.

I know you girls are so ready to start your summer dress hunting. Take my advice. If you find something similar that works, let me know where you got them.

Name This Dress Contest!

Help us name this dress! If we choose your name, you win the dress! See Below for details.

Feel free to click on it for more detailed images.

1. Leave a comment on this blog post with your name AND the name(s) for the dress. Email is NOT required but please check back to see if you've won.
2. The name must have the word "dress" in it.
3. Limit only 3 entries per person. Open internationally!
4. Be creative!
5. Contest ends March 19, 2010. The name of the winner will be announced by March 22, 2010, so please check back to see if you've won!

Contest Disclaimer:
No purchase necessary. We reserve the right to close the contests early or late without warning. We will post the name of the winner on March 22 2010. You may exchange the item for a gift certificate of the same value, but you must request it upon winning. Upon winning, you agree that your name can be published on this blog at the close of the contest. You must contact us within 7 days after the winner has been announced to claim your prize.

Seen on,,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Get Wedge: Vera Wang


Wedge. Just how many pairs of wedge shoes have you got, girls? I've got two. But seeing these Vera Wang actually made me think if I need another one.

What I love about wedge shoes is that you can stand and walk with them all day but you won't get tired as much as you would with stilettos. Well, I'm a stilettos fanatic myself and I would never undermine the fashion galore they bring, but it's just that at times, you would need to consider getting both comfort and fashion for events that you would - oh, so need them.

1 Vera Wang Lavender Label 'Maryann' Espadrille $250.00
2 Vera Wang Lavender Label Maryann Slingback Espadrille $250

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Get that look! StyleCaster

get that look

Girls, admit it. Your style is inspired and influenced not only by your favorite celebrities or favorite fashion magazines but also by some fashion blogs where online fashion reporters and trend spotters update you with "what's up?". Why not? It’s easier and much quicker, right? You just log on to your favorite site and check what they say: what’s hot, what’s in and what’s not? These sites give you the idea of what possible outfit combinations you can try on and experiment. And what is much exciting about this is that there are tons of fashion websites out there where you can get inspiration from.

Let me introduce to you a website of such that I discovered very recently. Style Caster is just like any other fashion websites that caters news about fashion and beauty. However, what I like about them is the idea that tons of different looks are filed for you to explore. When you download the fashion page, all outfits and looks will slide out and whichever grabs your attention, you click that image and it will expand. And when the image pops out bigger; you will see who is the stylist that created that look, who is the model and where you can get the items that made up the entire look. So if you really like what you see, then you would easily find the items at store.

My favorite part is the fashion news and beauty tips. It is where you get ideas on what is in and how to get them. But what is more lovely about a site is when everything is categorized for you such as celebrity column, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and it’s like everything is in there all at once. Therefore I highly recommend that you girls visit Style Caster. Then if you have a minute, tell me what you think.

And oh, if you girls noticed, we are having a habit lately of giving bonus. Yeah. So today we got another one. If you love updates about celebrity gossips? We found Culturally Clad to be a perfect place.

Get these stilettos: Saksfifthavenue


Who doesn't love cigarettes? I don't smoke, but I love them! You would never go wrong with them. They would only make you look smarter. Get these stilettos at Saks fifth Avenue.

1 Christian Louboutin Bianca Patent Leather Slingbacks - extremely high and super glossy
2 Jimmy Choo Glenys Cage Platform Sandals - sassy caged leather design with an exposed center zipper
3 Jimmy Choo Nappa Platform Slingbacks - snipped peep toe made of fine Italian leather
4 Christian Louboutin Point-Toe Pumps - beautifully designed in rich Italian leather

And for the dress? Escada Fern-Print Jersey Dress.

Sale, how I love Thee! Weekend Sale

50% off clearance valid Friday, March 12 through Sunday, March 14, 2010 at Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH stores only. Not valid at Saks Fifth Avenue stores or

Apple Bottoms Sales Event. Take an additional 30% off Sale Merchandise. Applies to select styles. Ends 03.19.10

Rocawear Sales Event. Take an additional 20% off Sale Merchandise. Applies to select styles. Ends 3.19.10