Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fancy Awards!

I have not had enough of my holidays yet but weekend is about to close on my part of the world. [Sigh] Will go back to work in the real world shortly.

But hey! What fun to receive awards from our dear blogger friends. These awards can entirely make my day.

You're a doll award

This "You're a doll" award was awarded to me by Jennifer fabulous of "I know, right?" I met her in this blogosphere when I was still a newbie in blogging a little less than a year ago. I can still clearly remember the first post of her that I read. It was about her and her girlfriend's getting around and visiting caves. She was wearing a top with brown details or so and with that branded big smile. Can you tell me what was the title of that post Jen? I was hooked by her words because they conveyed a person full of life and fun. You can guess, I kept coming back.

So now I'm going to pass on this award to some of you girls:

Tara of My little fashion finds
Jasna of FashionJazz
Rachel of Redhead fashionista
Tejan of Insights and
Sophie of Diary of a young Fashionista

Fashion blogger award

This award is from Nina of Ballerina's Closet Obsession. When I first met her, all I knew was that she's a ballerina with fancy dresses and rocking outfits with lots of accessories. She also possess a natural sense of humor which is a perfect complement to her great sense of style. It was a surprise when later I found out that she's also one of my people. How fun? We made friends through fashion. I used to have only Leah.

Now I'm passing on this award to these girls:

CC of Couture Carrie
Kristin and Meagan of Bonbon Rose Girls
Erika of Cafe Fashionista
Nina of Femme Rationale
Jennifer of I Know, Right?
and FASHIONconfectionary

Have a wonderful start for the week girls. :)