Friday, March 26, 2010

Daily Style and Shopping Guide


Shopping is always fun with friends. I'm not sure if there's any girl in here who would disagree with this. Oftentimes we need to tow our girls behind when we shop so that we get a gang to solicit ideas from. "What do you think with this color?", "Which one looks better?", "Do I look thin with this?", "Does it fit well my behind?" etc, etc. But what about if your girl friends are always too busy, just like you, to give you company whenever you shop? Or what about if your friends, even though they're stylish, do not share your own sense of style because you girls just have too much of individuality? Do you content yourself shopping alone without a support team?

Not in my case. And definitely not in these days. StyleFeeder gives me 24 hour assistance for whenever I get the urge to shop. This support team of mine tells me what's hot for me according to my style and taste. How do they do this? When you sign up, they'll give you tons of shoes to pick from. Then they'll give you tons of dresses and other apparels to choose from. Then they'll give you tons of accessories to pick all that you fancy. At the end, they'll give you finished looks to rate and comment on, and again, according to your taste. This enables them to analyse and identify your sense of style. And from that, they'll give you regular feedback about what stuff you would love to add in your closet. Believe me, whenever your team knocks your wardrobe, you'll never say "No". Because it would exactly be something you'd love. Why? It's your style feeder. Look at these looks I am advised to get today. They made me drop my jaw 'cause they're very me.