Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guest blogging at

hit or miss

Finally, I had the courage to take up guest blogging. I had a couple of invitations to do so but it took me sometime to actually write for these lovely sites that are giving me oppurtunity. I always have them in mind. While I juggle day job [teaching Mathematics to secondary students], private tutorials after school, or debate training [prepping my debaters for the next national tournament] and blogging [after a 14-hours work], I'm getting used to multi-tasking. While on my way to my next tutorial, for example, I use the time to generate ideas; or sometimes while having lunch. Now tell me who's not getting overworked? haha! You can guess, it takes a lot of food supplement.

So, for my first ever guest blogging, I wrote something about celebrity outfit. I made it kind of puzzle. Me asking questions, the readers guessing, and finally concluding if the outfit is a hit or a miss.

Check the article out Celebrity outfit: Hit miss? at