Monday, March 15, 2010

Tips for your best summer dress!


Less and less we feel chilly, less and less smoke comes out the chimney. Yay! Summer is approaching. The big sun is coming. Such great news! Now brace yourself for the next move, Summer Dress hunting! It’s time to add your wardrobe with the best summer dress you can find. But take heed, as you do so, there are things you might want to consider:

Go flowery. I don’t know if you girls noticed but it’s just weird wearing something flowery during winter. You layer and layer but you stick with mostly plain dark colors. I don’t ask why. It is, so that more heat is preserved. But we don’t need such heat during summer, right? Therefore we go for a combination of bright or light colors. We basically get the mix of bright colors through flowery or printed summer dress. They give you the feel of freshness and high inspiration.

Whoops! You walk down the street and you see all the other girls in printed flowery too. Of course, you would not want to fade in the midst of all the walking colorful prints just like that. Therefore you have to consider the style. Choose the cut of your dress so that there are no other girls with the same. They may have the color, but they don’t have the style.

I would take a shoulder straps dress, cross at the back, lined with mesh for a fuller skirt, with flower prints all over such as Jack BB Dakota flower print dress. It would be a mini dress.

Go for plain single color, go orange. Maybe you don’t want to go flowery everyday. Take a single color for your summer dress. But make sure that it is orange. Orange is the most stylish powerful color among all the bright colors. It is almost black. You will never go wrong with it. It blends well with many colors. I strongly suggest accessorizing it with something black or brown. White would work too.

For my orange dress, I would want it to be a long tube dress hanging down to my feet. I would accessorize it with an elegantly waisted Kelly belt. I'd let the belt be responsible for shaping the dress.

I know you girls are so ready to start your summer dress hunting. Take my advice. If you find something similar that works, let me know where you got them.