Saturday, March 6, 2010

Be the next Benetton's model, fly to New York and get paid!

Quick question girls, have you heard of Benetton? We did mention something about Benetton before but today, we'll discuss specifically about them.

People at Benetton are looking to find twenty creative individuals from all over the world who could be the next face of Benetton. These individuals would then be the next Benetton models, would fly to New York and would get paid.

If you are one of those that are interested to try their luck, male or female, then hurry and join Benetton's "IT'S:MY:TIME" global casting competition. All you have to do is sign up for an account here and create a look book of your style. You can start by uploading three photos of you including one face photo shot and the rest can be full body shots. A word of advice: Judges at Benettons are not only looking at how pretty and how well you pose, but also how well you move. Therefore make sure that you include photos of you in action, either walking, laughing, or doing sports. Remember how Serena ended up chosen as the model for Blair's mom's fashion line when it was Blair who was actually working hard to get in? It's all about charm and grace.

I myself created an account at Benetton not for the hope of becoming the next Benetton model, but mainly to be able to cast a vote and post comment to whom I think has got the potential. [But who knows? lol] So you see? Aspirants would be voting and commenting for each other. Isn't that another way of making friends?

You too can check my lookbook and if you've time, tell me what you think.