Thursday, November 4, 2010

Killer Boots from my archives

"If I were to choose between a lovely dress and a fabulous pair of shoes, I'd take the shoes. Oh, how I love shoes!" My facebook private profile boldly screams this line. But hey, if I were to choose between an equally adorable pairs of evening shoes and boots, I'd take the boots. Of course, I would gladly take both. But if I can only get away with one, I'm leaning more for the killer boots.

Tonight, the shoeholic side of me is itching to come out. I decided to ease it by blogging about some of the boots that I found from my archives.

I wanted to give credit for this photo but I just can't remember the source.

I can just dream to buy all the boots that I fancy. I read tonight that 50% of your income can be spent for your needs, 20% for your savings and a whooping 30% for your wants. The latter percent is through the principle of "awarding yourself" first. In my case, I might as well award myself a pair of shoes every time I get my paycheck. But I'm VERY frugal. So go figure.




nine west boots



The good thing about fashion blogging is, I don't really have to buy all the boots that I fancy. I can just feed my eyes and when I'm done, share them to my readers.

So, my dear girls, are there any particular boots you're fancying right now?