Thursday, November 18, 2010

Come Here Fur A Minute...

I made a vow last year that I wouldn't sell fur coats again. They were heavy, cumbersome to ship, and a lot of people had different definitions of the word "soft." But then I looked at some of my favorite vintage stores' winter collections, and found myself quickly forgetting last year's mayhem.

Obviously, every vintage lover should possess a '50s mink stole, but this year what excites me are mixed calico pelts. Blending furs together can create a really modern, bohemian look. I'm also a sucker for mod fur collars and anything amber-toned.

Vintage '70s Arctic Silver Fox Coat - Bustown Modern

Vintage '70s Red Fox Fur Vest - Bustown Modern

Vintage '80s Shearling Trim Leather Coat - Bustown Modern

Vintage '60s Mink Collar Swing Coat - Bustown Modern

Vintage '60s Tweed & Opposum Fur Coat - Bustown Modern

Vintage '70s Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket - American Archive

Vintage '70s Red Coyote & Fox Fur Coat - American Archive

Vintage '80s Fox Fur Trimmed Cape - Tinroof Vintage

Sabrina London