Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to wear tights: recommended tips

I'm one of those girls who wear tights not because of necessity but because of my desire to look chic. I don't have to wear tights simply because the weather is cold or because I'm hiding something on my legs, but I wear them because of their capacity to transform an outfit into a statement.

But yes, they have to chosen and worn right. Otherwise, ...they can be a throwback.

photo from goggle

Unless you prefer to stay on the safe side and wear only black tights whenever you wear a mini, there are some fashionable guides on how to wear them right all over the net which can be useful for you.

Instead of coming up with my own list of tips on how to wear tights, I googled and searched for some straight forward guides that are already available online.

Familiarize yourself with the difference between textured, printed, opaque, sheer and footless tights and leggings, fishnet stockings, panty-hose, and how to wear them year-round. Learn how to wear tights.

How to wear leggings: If you like the ease of leggings, but want to make sure you always wear them appropriately, you must check this guide.

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone. :)