Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Funfair Fashion Show

In case some of you aren't aware yet, the fashionista behind this blog is a teacher. Last Sunday, we had a Funfair at school. It's a day when parents and students come to school on a weekend to hang out, have fun and get entertained. The teachers on the other hand prepare entertainment, booths and games to promote bonding between parents and children while raising funds for some worthwhile projects - so to speak.

Early on Sunday was very busy for us - hours before the funfair started. We had to complete the decorations for our booths which we've started doing since friday, with the interval of Saturday, Thank God it didn't rain in between.


My booth, along with my friend and co-teacher Joy, is the souvenir. As you can see in this picture, it ain't complete yet.

There were dances rendered by the students and my favorite being the dance by the K3 and K4. Not only was the dance choreographed by Joy, it also was a combination of fashion show of which, yours truly, came in. I lent a hand in choreographing the catwalk ;)




It's an International school. We have Indians, Thai, Japanese and other Asian ethnicity.






A dance and fashion show that's purely girls would be boring, mind you, so of course, boys had to come into the picture. After the little catwalk, the boys went up the stage to dance with the girls for the remaining half of the music.




The crowd loved the dance&catwalk presentation so much that it was done twice.

The bad thing about being the girl behind the lens stealing time to take photos while trying to sell our souvenir products is that, at the end of the day, I realized I've no single photo :(

It was a good day, I thought to share.

Fabulously yours,