Friday, November 26, 2010

7 Great Tips for Making Your Hair Grow Longer

To make your hair grow longer, you must live a healthy lifestyle, trim your hair regularly, protect your hair, avoid too much heat styling, choose the right hair accessories, condition regularly, and use natural hair products.

If you are planning to grow longer hair, one of the easiest things you can do is to take proper care of your hair. Additionally, there are many natural products like Argan moroccan oil and other hair care treatments that you can use to strengthen hair whatever the length. Here are some tips you can follow to make your hair grow longer:

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Live a healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle has a profound effect on all the different aspects of your life, even your hair. You can live healthily by eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, hydrating yourself, and getting enough rest. By following a healthy lifestyle your hair will get the nourishment that it needs, allowing it to remain healthy as it grows longer.

Trim your hair regularly

A trim means cutting about ½ to ¼ of an inch from your hair. Trimming your hair will remove dry and damaged hair and prevent split ends. Inform your stylist that you are planning to grow your hair longer and instruct him or her only to trim your hair. The frequency of trims will depend on how you care for your hair, what routines you follow, and the products you use on it. The better your hair care routine is, the healthier your hair will be and the fewer trims you will need.

Protect your hair

You might want to wear your hair loose at times, but make sure that you protect it from harsh elements in the environment. Don’t expose your hair to too much sun as it can become dry and damaged. Protecting your hair also applies to when you sleep at night because your hair can rub against the pillowcase and bed sheets, therby becoming drier and tangled. Wear a silk night cap when you sleep or switch to soft fabrics for your beddings like silk or satin.

Avoid too much heat styling

Flat irons and curling irons are some of the most commonly used hair styling devices. Unfortunately, using these items regularly can damage your hair. As much as possible, avoid styling devices that rely on heat and choose a hairstyle that will not make use of heat styling.

Choose the right hair accessories

Even the accessories you wear in your hair can affect its health and condition. Be sure to choose hair accessories that are not rough and will complement the texture of your hair. The wrong accessories can cause hair to fall out and can damage your hair.

Condition regularly

Hair has natural moisture and oils that can be stripped off by shampoos, chemical treatments, and other elements in the environment. Conditioning helps moisturize and nourish hair, thus making it healthier and preventing hair breakage. Be sure to apply conditioner right after you shampoo your hair. Deep conditioning is also advisable at least once every month.

Use natural hair products

Chemical treatments can cause hair to fall out and other significant damage to occur to your hair, so as much as possible use natural products such as Argan moroccan oil and other natural oils and organic shampoos.

The secret to growing your hair longer and healthier is to take care of it, so you will have less hair loss and breakage.

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