Saturday, July 24, 2010

Charice Pempengco visited Thailand

The Filipino singer Charice Pempengco has recently visited Thailand to promote her album "Charice". She's the first Asian in history to land on the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 album chart . She is managed by record producer David Foster and celebrity actress/television host Oprah Winfrey.

Yesterday afternoon she performed live in the ground floor of Siam Discovery performing a total of seven songs. She sang parts of "I will always love you" and "I Have Nothing". She also performed some rap songs as well as the most awaited songs "Pyramid" and "In This Song".

The venue was too small and not conducive for performance. With tons of people flocking to get a glimpse of her and to hear her voice, it was almost impossible for me and my friends to find a spot where we could see her perform. Each floor of the mall was already full packed hours before the performance.



I went up and down from the first floor to the third but I could not find a place. While on an escalator, however, I saw that there was a platform on the ground floor allocated for all the press and camera men. I checked for a possible way to get in there. There were guards who were dismissing non press people from the platform but I was able to smuggle myself in and secure a space in the middle of all the men positioned to cover the performance. I pretended to be a press too. Armed with my Nikon D5000 always ready to get a shot, I was as good as true. I stayed there throughout the performance. I decided I could as well use a fake press ID.




It was a very amazing performance with all the highest notes reached with ease and with power that makes you shake. You'd wonder how a small teenage girl can possess such power. But while you still crave for more, you'd be told "I'm coming back in October with my friends and David Foster. See you then ..."

Understandably, it was just a promotion. It wasn't a concert. And by the way, do you notice that special microphone of hers? I was told only Charice and Celine Dion model this phone. And it is said to be a German product. Well, that's something I am yet to confirm.

I managed to find my friends after the performance. We were scattered in different floors. And we were able to get ourselves some photos too.


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