Sunday, April 18, 2010

If I were to wear Maxi dress


Girls, if there is one style that I am much challenged to wear, that is maxi dress. A long maxi is even more challenging than the short. I admire seeing them worn by tall elegant women who look like queens and goddesses if not innocent girls ready to run off the shore for a play, barefooted. But I have to face it - I am not tall. I can stand 5’5’’ through the aid of 3-inch-heels and perhaps that would suffice to pull on a maxi. But I am scared; I might look like a tent. And yet I cannot just keep admiring and not trying it on me. After all, I am on the quest for creativity. Thus I try to figure what are the important things to consider for a fabulous maxi dress outfit.

I don’t like dresses with big patterns such as large flowers because they just don’t fit a petite frame. Since I don’t have long legs, high heels are a must. It is easy to look short with this type of dress; therefore I have to avoid horizontal patterns no matter how enticing the design can be.

I fell in love with a Celia maxi dress because of its very J.Lo style with elegant combination of colors, but it's a tube. I am not abundant enough for a tube, therefore I have to stick with V-neck cuts to create those imaginary pair of richness and to elongate my figure – thank God maxi dresses usually come in that form. I prefer to go single colored for a sleek and smooth look unless otherwise the patterns are miniature and polished enough to earn my nod. But regardless of the pattern, I am rest assured that I won’t look like a tent as long as I go more structured through an empire waist. I don’t have a large stomach, thanks to my being underweight, but if I do have, I would go for an A-line cut to hide it and thereby create a flattering look. Lastly, I believe it is a rule that only oversized bags and chunky jewelries can maximize a maxi dress.

So tell me, girls. How would you like your maxi dress?