Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fashion Simplified: Black

“It isn't a matter of black is beautiful as much as it is white is not all that's beautiful” ~ Bill Cosby

Why fashion-industry types always choose to wear black? Is it because it’s slimming, it’s attractive and it’s a lot easier to wear than most of the clothes? What about when it comes to accessories? Is black still the best option most of the time?


A quick glance at my shoe rack made me realize that 80 percent of my shoes are black. I opened my closet and it revealed a diverse set of bags in different colors. But the bags that I usually carry to work or to professional gatherings are black. Should I say that black is the queen color of fashion?


And then I dream of adding another black to my shoe rack and another black to my bag collection. But mind you, that is just a dream. Black Peep-Toe Plateau Pumps by Fendi is a dazzling and luxurious black in leather. It would defeat the best black boots that I have. I would gladly change my Romance from Paris bluish black large bag that I always carry to work to give it a rest after four years of service by this Black All over Studded Bag. But I honestly doubt I would ever make this dream come true. You girls check their prices to know why.

But some more colorful and more daring shoes have become so trendy actually that they are the new black.

Therefore "the new black" refers to something so widespread that it rivals the popularity of the colour black.