Monday, April 19, 2010

Halter Dress: the dress that suits any other girl


Girls, if there is one style of dress that suits any body type, that is Halter Dress. All you need are only a pair of arms good enough to bare. Comes in many forms such as spaghetti straps, thin or wide straps that tie to another piece of material, crosses the collar and meets behind the neck, these dresses are usually versatile.

I love the thought that Marilyn Monroe’s fashion sense is very influential even up to these days. Known for her trade color that is white, several white dresses were created through her inspiration. My favorite among all these white dresses is her version of halter dress. If you let yourself slip inside it, you allow yourself the bliss of receiving pieces of her beauty sprinkled through this creation. It’s entirely very Marilyn.

The skirt of a halter dress is never boring. There are varied styles for the skirt that you can choose from. Usually the fabric where the straps are tied drapes on the body. The lengths can be long or short, the hems can be uneven, but the fabric is always light. Aside from being a sexy low cut with creative layering for the skirt, a halter dress gets an edge if the waist line is fabulously designed.