Monday, November 9, 2009

Sale, how I love Thee

We know of girl friends with keen eyes on sales, right? Most fashionable but practical women out there goes for branded stylish items only, and only if, they are on sale. So what happens is, when one girl friend walked into the mall and spotted some huge banners that say "Sale", she hurries to take her phone and ring her friends for the good news, "Keds is on sale." or "Swiss is on sale." and the like.

However, if the friend on the other line is still at work, she would have to wait until she finishes work. But then, traffic jam by that time would be terrible [especially in Bangkok]. If she would push to get into the mall where there's the sale, she would have to pray all the way that God may save her size. Don't you think that is too exhausting? What about stressful?

Thanks to all the online boutiques and shops because "sales" are now one click away. We don't have to endure all the last minute chase on sales because we now have the benefit of just going home straight from work, read this post of mine, and head to the shop where I found a lot of amazing items on sale. These are the few that I fancied.

Fossil Print Top
Was £25.00 Now £15.00

One Shoulder Bandeau Dress
Was £65.00 Now £30.00

Geo Print Knot Drape Dress
Was £30.00 Now £15.00

Stripe Cut Pocket T Shirt
Was £30.00 Now £20.00

So girls, go check for more at oasis. Enjoy.