Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Smitten by Eco-chic Jacket and Mini Dress

As Cafe Fashionista would ask, "What has smitten you this week?" My answer would be quick and loud, "An eco-chic jacket and a dress!"

This pink comfy stretch jacket is from Nine West's weekend collection. This would certainly look best if thrown over a black fitting top, a black spaghetti strapped top, or a black mini-dress with black leggings or black hose. Moreover this is a kind of a versatile possesion which would make you best dressed even in a wet market or in an office, very functional. And here's the catch, this Nine West Lilac Jacket can be quickly wrapped and delivered to you for only $34.50 plus $3.45 shipment fee. Yes, that's right. It's very affordable.

Here's the black mini dress that I couldn't wait to talk about.It looks flirty, simply loud and fun. Honestly, it's empire cut is nothing extraordinary, but it's the tatto design that has highlighted it. According to the saler, this look has become the trademark of the Ed Hardy line. And indeed they're right. Whether you're on the beach or on the street, you will certainly get noticed in this fabulous design. What is more exciting is that this Ed Hardy Sun Mini dress is actually available for only $42.50.

But on another note, if you would like a little subdued look even with this dress, the lilac jacket above is the answer.

Now your question must be, "Where did I get these finds?" Oh, i can't be selfish enough to not share with you where I found them. They are from a boutique which collects and selects gently used or previously owned fashion products. They have got a number of crazy and hot clothes and apparels and they are adding more soon, so be quick to visit them at Crazy Hot Clothes.

P.S. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments my dear friends. Life is just too crazy for me this time that I have to put on hold my visits to your sites. Please be a little patient here and I'll see you as soon as I can. I just have to get over this national debate tournament that my debaters are attending for four to five days. Hugs :)