Monday, November 30, 2009

Should Jimmy Choo Collection be made available to the public?

“Wait! I lost my Choo!” she cries out as the boat pulls away from the pier. ~ Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City

"If someone is going to pay a good 350 British pounds for a pair of Jimmy Choo, that very one would want this brand rare and not available to a vast public." A number of people chorussed this line as they made comments about Jimmy Choo in a forum specifically about Tamara Mellons announcement of the plan to launch more Jimmy Choo boutiques around the world.

We know that the original Jimmy Choo sticks to the idea of creating couture shoes while Tamarra Mellon and Sandra Choi [Jimmy Choo's niece by affinity] prefer more the idea of creating top end ready-to-wear line. Thereby started the clash. For details, read here and here.

I spent around three hours reading and learning more about the story behind the Jimmy Choo; the backgrounds, the well-publicized fairytale weddings and one that eventually ended up to separation, the feuds between Jimmy and the queen of the empire Tamarra, the split of business partners, and so much more. I was left feeling sad for the original shoe craftman Jimmy Choo who seemed to be downplayed. Can you imagine having your very name famous around the globe but not having a claim on it? Must it be because Tamarra has got the power, connection and money? I just wonder, why didn't she build up the line "Tamarra Mellons" instead of taking over the Jimmy Choo? But please, don't get me wrong, was just a thought. I know there are more than just starting from scratch, ouch.

On the other note, I must be one of those who would vote for the availability of more affortable ready-to-wear Jimmy Choo shoes. [You know, i just love shoes more than anything else].

Vote for your side: Should Jimmy Choo be available for the public in more affortable price? Or should Jimmy Choo protect its exclusivity by making it rare to the public?

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