Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Santa Dresses: Elegant and classy

Just a matter of few days ago the cyber world was flooded with posts about halloween costumes and apparels especially from bloggers. And while I had fun scanning all those posts, I never came up with my own for this blog. It was because we do not celebrate halloween due to religious beliefs.

Perhaps it was due to too much stress, pressures and business these weeks that even though I was aware of the current month of the year, it did not really register that the next few weeks will be Christmas again. Subconciously I was thinking it is still far. Yet tonight, while hopefully surfing a fashion site wishing to see some stylish and promising just-any-other-day outfits, I was met with photos that reminded me that Christmas is just coming soon.

It dawned on me that I should start planning for my Christmas outfits now. Scanning all the santa dresses available in the site, I found these three to be perfect for me.

To see the prizes and more Christmas Santa Dresses, click the banner below.