Friday, October 9, 2009

The best way to stay skinny and firm

People wonder why on earth that despite my voracious appetite, I’m as skinny as ever. Probably it is because of a very demanding job that I have, or the extremely speedy metabolism of my body, or simply because of my structure. My appearance eludes my amount of food intake.

Yet, there is something that I love to do that I believe contributes to my being skinny and firm. Whenever opportunity allows, I love to do rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and boating. During my university days, these activities were like daily snacks [fitted exaggeration], but yeah, I and my good friends always spent our weekends and vacation exploring nature unless otherwise academic pressures prevented us from doing so. Now as an adult juggling my day job, debate, blogging, writing and love life, to be able to do these activities are so rare that they become so precious.

These types of activities are proven effective to stay in shape. Not only that they make you enjoy a lighter and well-defined figure, they also are so much fun to do.






Thanks to Michael Braun for the photos.