Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Day gift ideas for the woman that you love

When hubby asked me a few nights back if what I'd like for Valentine's day, it made me think. Roses? A bouquet of red roses? But it's always the same. I feel like I'd prefer something else sometimes other than flowers and chocolates. Hubby did promise he'd find something else, something more creative Valentine's Day gift this time and I've no idea what he's got in mind. I try my best not to interfere.

But for other boyfriends or husbands out there who have got no idea what to treat their partner on the day of hearts, here's the list of what I suggest:

Red shoes

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Does your woman need another sexy winter boots or red stilettos? No matter how many pairs she has, when it comes to shoes, she'd love it.

Red dress

red dress

It's a very challenging color and most women aren't tough enough to wear a red dress. But if that dress is a gift from her man, she'd feel wonderful tonight.

Red purse

red purse

They say it's the most dangerous thing in a woman. The purse is where all of her secrets are kept. But I say no biggest secret she can lock in her purse if she beams with pride carrying your gift.

Red nail polish

red nail polish

Okay. Who gives a girl a nail polish? Maybe a few men if not none. But why not? Giving her some nail polish means that you care even for some tiny vain stuff that she needs. That's very sweet.

Red rose cupcake

valentine's cupcake

Instead of red roses and chocolates, a box of red rose cupcakes is a good alternative.


valentine's flowers

But if she's a kind that loves flowers the most, then give her the best bouquet you can find. You might want to ask her though, if she prefers plastic flowers than fresh ones. Some women love to keep their flowers intact for a life time which fresh ones do not allow.

These are what I've got in mind right now. So what do you think, girls? Are there things you'd like to add to our list?

Enjoy shopping for gifts!

Fabulously yours,