Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Sheer Maxi Dress

I'm pretty enamored with this dress from Anthropologie circa I-found-this-at-a-yard-sale. Amazing find? Name your price. It will be up for auction in our store tomorrow night.

You might have noticed the pictureless auctions tonight, and rest assured, we're working on it. While I'm in transition between Macs, I'm working from my husband's computer and it takes much, much longer to resize and export photos. Actually, it takes much longer to do anything.

I'm feeling a bit like a curmudgeon today. A troublesome customer is making life hell in the kind of tedious power struggle only eBay can provide. Not to bite the hand that feeds you too much, but I sincerely wish eBay offered more support for sellers. After all, eBay doesn't technically sell anything. We do.

A special thank-you to the stragglers who bid on something from our tiny auction week. Your purchases are going towards keeping this bitch sane during Mac death week. Truly, I'm grateful.

Much love,
Sabrina London