Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jumpsuit Me

With my 24th birthday around the corner, I decided to treat myself to vintage jumpsuit today. I found this one on Bustown Modern, but being impatient, I knew I couldn't wait 5 days to bid. So I did the next geekiest thing and scrolled through 34 pages on Etsy to find the exact same jumpsuit. Almost. It's produced by the same label and is 98% identical except it has a paint-stroke print instead of floral. Also: $18. Not too shabby for a complete outfit.

Every time I list a jumpsuit, they fly out of my studio so it's safe to say the trend is bangin' right now. I'm definitely a fan, but as my personal style has been shifting, I've been a little pickier about what hangs in my closet. Right now, I'm crazy about draping. Not "Grecian" and not (necessarily) "Harem" either, but this really indie LA drape that's so modern.

My husband laments this trend because it usually goes hand-in-hand with over-sized garments that "hide your beautiful tits." Dually noted. I'm also big on deep plunging V-necks, side boob, and sheer. Just sayin.

Suffice it so say, this jumpsuit appeals to my raging hard-on for drapeage. I absolutely adore the batwing dolman sleeves and cinched waist. Throw a belt on there and POW! I'm horny.

Clinging to the fountain of youth,
Sabrina London