Sunday, August 1, 2010

3 Simple Reasons to Explain Why a Prom Dress Is Important

Exactly why is a prom dress so important? A million things might come to mind, but for now, we’ll only look at the major points. A prom dress is important because it happens for one night only; it should cause him, your partner not to take his eyes off you; and it should make you look great, thus make you feel great.

Exactly why is a prom dress so important? A millions things might come to mind, but for now, we’ll only look at the major points. Perhaps this article can even be used to present an argument to your parents on why they should give you the money to buy that one dress you just can’t help but have.


One night only

Yes, you might argue you get to have two prom nights, one during junior year and another during senior year; but for the purpose of having a stronger argument to propose to your parents, let’s not remind them of that. So, as the song goes, “one night only, that’s all I have to spare,” your prom night is one of those events that when done don’t happen again. You’re young only once, and when you’re grown, stories of your youth would be one of the things you’ll treasure the most. When your parents tell you “why spend that much for a dress you’ll wear only once?” make them see that that’s exactly the point. You’re only asking them for a dress every once so often (then give them your puppy-dog eyes for better effect).

Can’t take his eyes off you

Sharing this one point to your parents might not be a good idea. Yes, they might also be buying your wedding dress in the future, but at the moment, they want that thought as far from their minds as possible; leave it at that. Back to your prince, if you’ve been going out with him for a while, having the perfect dress on you would then make him feel proud being with the prettiest princess of the night. You wouldn’t have to worry about his eyes wandering this crucial night. On the other hand, if your prince is yet to be yours, this night is the perfect time to make him see you in a different light. With that beautiful Victorian ball gown, he’ll surely knock himself out wondering why he’s not had the guts to ask you out all this time. And this night, as you gracefully enter the prom hall, he will surely find it irresistible to finally approach you for a dance.

Look great, feel great

Yes, prom dresses are very important in that they should make you feel wonderful outside and in. You are your self’s first beholder. When you look in that mirror and you like what see, you’ll notice people liking you as well. That is because when you feel great about yourself, you’re also sending a positive aura to the people around you. People are generally attracted to happy people. So, on prom night, not only will you be having a blast, you’ll also have the people around you enjoying the night simply because your happiness is contagious. That’s right, you have to make sure you enjoy your prom night for the sake of the people around you as well.

Photo by Mike Owen/Eyevine/ZUMA Press