Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to Basics

My brother and I went shopping on Melrose Avenue, where I came across the most luxuriously soft basics by Alternative Earth. I've been in the market for a gray racerback tank top for a while now. You know how most people own a basic white shirt or pair of sweat pants with no conscience memory how they acquired them? Not this girl. I have absolutely no basics. And if I DO own a pair of sweat pants, I can tell you exactly when and where I bought them because it was such a big deal finally getting a pair. 2006. Express. I still hate the bejeweled hem.

This is one of life's mysteries I still haven't figured out. Where do people inherit their plushy over-sized sweatshirts and loungewear? I don't own a single stitch of comfort clothing. This makes me sad.

In any event, today I bought this eco-heather racerback tank by Alternative Earth. Celebrate good times.

In addition, my poor brother had to sit around for MINUTES while I debated the merits of a pair of "lounge pants" by the same brand. They came in two particular shades that I liked: Eco-Black and Eco-Brown. If that wasn't too taxing to choose, I also wasn't sure if I preferred the slimming effect of a size Small or the billowing comfort of a size Medium.

I mean, where am I going to wear these exactly? If it's just around the house, I want to be comfortable. But they're actually borderline cute enough to wear for light outdoor activities. Grocery shopping. A movie in Burbank (not Hollywood). The book store. If I buy a small, will they shrink when I wash them? Should I just buy the mediums and wash them in warm water? These are all considerations when trying to be "casual."

I decided to sleep on it. The right answer will present itself after a few hours of reading "Mia & Woody: Love and Betrayal" and a good night's rest.

Sabrina London