Saturday, August 21, 2010

Angelina Jolie Looked More Dazzling With Less Make up

I fell in loved with this photo of Angelina when I first saw. Those pair of vulnerable looking blue eyes usually hidden beneath brown contact lenses, if you focus for sometime, penetrates into your soul. Her thick pouty lips are so well-formed. With a cleft accentuating the lower lip, they were the envy of every woman such as me. This photo speaks, that the best of Angelina's beauty comes out through a natural less crazy make up.


But when you think you are staring at an angel's face, don't be mislead. You might actually be admiring an extremely dangerous, very able to kill Russian spy.

Angelina Jolie graced the cover of Parade magazine early last month to promote her movie "Salt". I saw the movie with my friends at a theater two weeks ago and it was completely breath taking. A real action movie at that, full of suspense and rapid blows, we were too curious about the making. "Did she take doubles?" or "Is that Angelina throwing herself on top speeding ten-wheelers and cars?" you'd hear us murmuring in awe. But I bet it was her since there were no cuts that would allow for the doubles to get in. That's my bet.

First thing we did was search for the making of the movie. I was very interested if this angelic face was indeed the one who did most of the actions or if there were stunt men. Seeing the youtube clip of the making was very interesting.

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