Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fashion don't! Snooki's Fashion Faux Pas

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. Not only is she accused of faking brown skin, which literally does not look tanned but like true brown, but she is also recently accused of committing a very serious crime - fashion faux pas - which is hilariously big one!

She can pass as an Asian given that she's small, the black hair suits her and that she's looking cute and hot with those pair of gorgeous proud assets. We know that her looks combined with her skank acts helped for her to land the reality TV scenes of Jersey Shore. However, now that she has secured the third season of this show, she should at least learn how to dress better. With the money she pocketed from Jersey Shore, she is expected to be able to afford some fresh and fashionable new outfits. Or NOT?

photo: omg

Case in point: kindergarten knee length mismatched socks, a pair of black elementary shoes, a men's cycling shorts and underrated pink top and pink hankie.

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