Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fashion Don't? Sarah Jessica Parker's Outfit

What makes you want to see the “Sex and the City” series? Is it the romance, the comedy or the fashion that makes you get hooked?

Carrie Bradshaw may not be so great nor should I say so lucky when it comes to relationship but she is stunningly a fashion icon. For someone who’d rather buy Vogue instead of dinner and with intense love for shoes, there’s no doubt she deserves her fashion status.

Thanks to this Carrie Bradshaw persona that made Sarah Jessica Parker a style icon. However, does being such an icon make her not capable of getting caught in a catastrophe? Examine what she wore to a Press Junket for the “Sex and the City 2”.

Case in Point: Pair of acid wash trousers


Notice how this outfit was made up of all plain basic colors – the scarf, cardigan, sling bag and clogs. You’d like to think Sarah just put on anything she had her hands first without actually thinking. No wonder the OMG writers called this a tragic outfit.

Now vote for yourself girls. Should we add this outfit to our fashion don’t list?