Thursday, May 6, 2010

Suggested Ways on Wearing Polka Dots

What are your rules when it comes to polka dots? Do you think that polka dots is no longer suited on you when you're past your kindergarden?

Are there specific rules for big and small polkas? Is it okay to overwhelm your outfit with all the dots?

Happy Birthday Dear Suzana!!!!!
by Asya featuring J Crew tops

Would you prefer a classic polka dot look through standard colors like black, navy, and white?

by Кетрин featuring Prada bags

Or would you like to tone down your polka dotted dress with a neutral colored blazer? What about combine it with colors that you don't usually see such as this belt?

Are there times when you feel tempted to wear non classic polka dots?

Did you ever hear yourself scream "I wanna live just the sweet moments!"? That means you feel like breaking free from the box and just follow no rules.

Would you love to engulf yourself in a fictional world through seeing sweet tiny polka dots around you?

Awakened in reality you might realize that you simply want your polka dots outfit to have an edge. Abstract polka dots print is the answer.

So ladies, how would you like to wear polka dots?