Monday, May 31, 2010

Fashion, don't desert me!

Does it come to you? That sometime in your blogging career, after months or years of hard work - producing quality content, widening your blogging circle, getting quality links, improving your web's traffic and lay-out and getting hyper in every social media, you just feel worn out, less motivated and less interested that you start to contemplate stopping to blog? I am at that point. It started during that week when our city was dead in silence. When destruction and terorism was crippling the city and everyone was scared. Now, this haven of angels is getting back on its feet a victor over terrorists. But here I am, still crippled with my loss of the muse.

While I am still at a loss, I thought I better share with you girls some escapades I had recently. But let me warn you, nothing's very fashion this time. No make up, no riding jacket not even riding shoes. Signficantly, my horse is still a baby. But I had fun. It made me ask, "So you've no horse? But who said you can't be cowboy?"



Have a great week everyone!