Saturday, September 19, 2009

Worn out from work? Dress up and beat it!

Sitted at the cafeteria during lunch time on Friday, I, Daisy and Joy were able to talk after three weeks of no bonding. "What is happening to me?" was my question. Why do I feel angry and sad but I don't understand why? The girls chorussed, "That's exactly what I feel!"

We figured out that we three are suffering from depression due to burn out from work. My boyfriend is affected by the behavior that I was showing lately. I had no idea that Joy just had a fight with her boyfriend that morning, the same situation. As for Daisy, her husband is wondering why she easily gets mad even though he has done nothing but to pamper her with love and sweetness. These girls knew why.

Thus we decided we gotta beat it. Each took her phone, dialled a number and informed her man that "we three are going out tonight".

"Is it pay day?" was the question. Lol, "No." we replied. "We just need a girls' night out."

Indeed, we needed. And we dressed up. Isn't that the woman's best way of beating anything negative? Dressing up?



And I tell you what? It worked.