Monday, September 7, 2009

What my 50% dress made me?

I knew I needed to get some new outfits for the start of the school year so I went shopping for some formal work clothes at Central Rama 3 Mall. Walking through all the boutiques however, I found myself touching all the fancy materials of fashionable dresses, tops and blouses, jackets and even glamourous bags from Haas. What excited me more was the fact that they went as low as 50 percent off. If you keep track of my posts, you might notice that I only get myself some designers' outfit if they are on sale. [Oh sale, how I love thee]

Expectedly, I ended up buying a dress and a glamour huge bag [the bag I'll save for my next post so please tune in].

In these first two photos, I tried the dress on after a long night to prepare for the next day's church. The reason why I looked so haggard. :)

By the way, do you notice the red shadow of my hair? My hair has a natural shade of red but can only be seen through the light or the sun. My boyfriend was surprised when he discovered that. I told him that I used to dislike it. When I was younger, I always cut my hair very short because they turn red when grown. As a young lady, I grew my hair long but was also spending much for hair dressers to dye them black. Now as an adult, I simply leave them as they are. I realized I'm lucky I don't have to dye them with colors just like most of the girls do.

The black thin-jersey-material scarf with diamond sequins gave the dress a conservative look just perfect for church.

On the way out from our street to the high way, my boyfriend was taking photos of me from behind. I was busy with my phone.

We then spent our evening at the Ocean World located at the basement of Siam Paragon. It gave me chance to say "hi" to all the fishes.

Here is another crop. As I've said, I love cropping photos.

I wanted to lie down on this bench with the acquarium as background for some rare effects but I was too shy to do so. Not with some tourists eyes on me. And the background turned out too dark anyway. :(

Oh, i so love this photo. With my natural catwalk and all, stolen shots are just better at times.


I went home with a prayer "TGFTS" which means "Thank God for this Saturday". I love my life.