Saturday, September 19, 2009

Show love through a personalized video from Robbinsbrothers

Did you ever think of showing love to your sweetheart, your friend, or to your mom in a more creative way? Did you feel that buying a greeting card and scribbling some love notes on it is so functional that it’s time for a change?

Or, are you preparing for your big day and are still wondering how to send invites in a fashionable way?

I found that Robbins Brothers is the answer to this plight. This is a virtual love note web which allows you to create a personalized short video using your own photos and mixing it with songs for captivating sound effects. You can add love notes to it if you intend to send it to your sweetheart or significant other, or you can add details to it if you are announcing some special up-coming events.

I was so excited creating my own video and the result is very fulfilling. [Here are some screen shots of my video]

Creating the video was easy. I was able to upload up to four photos and I was allowed to edit and recreate the ready arrangement and designs. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

If you visit their website, you’ll find that you would need to create an account and log in. This is because the site does not only allow you to create a greeting flix but they also have other stores that offer other services. They have the world’s biggest selection of diamonds and wedding rings, they have the wedding planning and they also have a gift shop for anniversaries, birthdays and any other occasion.

But if you want to create a personalized video to send to your special someone; be it for birthday greetings, proposals, or wedding invitations or if you have a business and you would want to promote your brand and create connections to your customers through net working and effective marketing, then visit Robbins Brothers and make your own greeting flix.