Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A double Bridal Shower Party!

A double wedding in a month among best friends rarely happens. But it is happening for me and friend Daisy. A few days after I got engaged in December 2009, I told my very few close friends about it. It turned out, that Diasy and her man have planned their wedding on the same month that I and my beau had in mind - December 2010.

I and Daisy

Thus, last week, before I flew back to my home country where we'll have my wedding, I and and my friend decided to have a double shower party. But things were so hectic at work as well as with each of our personal iteneraries that we barely had time to plan for the shower party thouroghly. Daisy was busy prepping for her wedding which was on Saturday, Dec. 11, while I was busy securing all the stuff I'd need for my flight and my own wedding.

Everyone's in black!

girls night out
Before I went to the party venue, we grabbed some burgers at KFC. Another reason to call it an offbeat bridal shower!

I and Joy!

As it turned out, the shower party was very offbeat. We were glad that a co-teacher, Miss Ewadi, took charged for the planning of the brides' night. Another thing that made our bridal shower offbeat was that we weren't all girls. ;)

I'm not able to visit everyone's blog right now. I'm very busy. I'll make up when my wedding is done. Have a wonderful week everyone :)

Fabulously yours,