Wednesday, December 8, 2010

6 Easy Steps to Coordinate a Group Gift for the Boss

Coordinating a group gift for your boss to is easy. All you have to do is follow these simple steps: Form a group, assign a leader, collect gift ideas, decide on what gift to buy and the budget, buy the gift, and add a greeting card.

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The boss is the ‘leader’ of the workplace and is often the busiest on the work team. He organizes and manages practically everything in the work place, from employees to work jobs. That is why he also deserves some appreciation for a job well done. The best time to show him that is on his birthday. A small group gift can already make your boss smile when he sees how well his team planned this little surprise.

Step 1: Form a group

Days before the boss’ birthday, share others in the work place your group gift ideas. Ask co-workers who are willing to participate and contribute to the plan. Gather as many group members as possible but never force anybody to join the group. More group members help lessen individual contributions.

Step 2: Assign a leader

After the group has been created, assign a group leader. Usually, the one who initiated the plan automatically takes over because he knows how to make the idea a successful one. The leader may have to assign certain people to act as a group treasurer to collect funds, another to buy the gift, and someone to take care of the packaging or wrapping.

Step 3: Collect gift ideas

Gather information about your boss’ interests. Ask his secretary or a co-worker who talks to him a lot and find out little things about him like his favorite sport or dish perhaps. Gather everything that the group has collected.

Step 4: Decide on what gift to buy and the amount

List your boss’ interests. Open these up to the group members and entertain their opinions and suggestions. Select one or two things on the list that you think your boss will love. Once the group has decided on what gift to buy, figure out how much it will cost. The budget should include the gift itself, gift wrappers, and a greeting card. Just make sure that the budget is reasonable enough so that all members can contribute without compromising their own personal savings or expenses.

Step 5: buy the gift

Once the gift is agreed upon and the budget is settled, the leader will assign someone who’s willing to look and buy the gift that is within the budget. Re-distribute equally to fellow colleagues excess money if there is any.

Step 6: Add a greeting card

A gift is never complete without a greeting card. Let everybody in the group write their personal greetings and wishes to your boss. Make sure that you don’t miss anyone.

Once your boss receives the gift he will appreciate it. But most of all, he will be proud of the group’s teamwork and professionalism.