Sunday, December 19, 2010

3 causes of hair loss you need to know before you seek for Oregon Hair Restoration

Hair loss can be a serious concern for some men and women during adulthood. It is detrimental to self-confidence. It poses concerns for grooming. Why not? Isn’t hair one’s crowning glory? Isn’t hair the first thing you’d notice in a person whether he/she is fully groomed or not? Hair is too important that those who are stricken by this plight even turn to surgeries for hair restoration as their last resort.

hair restoration
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A thin volume of hair was never my problem. I always had more than enough hair to fix. I remembered a gay hair dresser commented about my hair before saying that my hair has good volume, perfect for rebonding. But when I landed a very tedious job, stopped doing regular exercise and started relying on hair rebonding for a long shiny hair, things changed dramatically.

To restore the thickness of my hair is my number one goal right now. It urged me to observe the behavior of my hair and what causes rapid hair loss.

Here are the top 3 reasons of my hair loss:

1. Genes – the thinness of hair can be genetics. If you are having problem with baldness, see if your maternal ancestors are bald, if they are, then you are very likely to lose your hair. However, in some instances, you can also directly inherit the baldness of your dad. In my case, my dad is bald and my mom is getting thin hair while growing old. I’m afraid it’s very unlikely for me to escape.

2. Medical and/or Beauty Treatment- certain medications such as drugs used for depression, arthritis and heart problems, or treatments like chemotherapy, may cause hair loss. However, successive beauty treatment for hair such as rebonding and straightening can also damage your hair.

3. Damaged hair follicle – inflaming and scarring of hair follicle cause by Lupus erythematosus or lichen planus, both skin conditions, can cause permanent hair loss.

If any of these causes your hair loss, you can seek for natural remedy to avoid further hair loss. Medical or Beauty Treatment or Damaged hair follicle can be avoided and fixed easily. There are plenty of suggested ways to help you regain good volume that are available online. However, if the reason is genetics, there is little you can do to prevent it. If none of the recommended preventions saves you from losing hair, then you might want to consider hair restoration through surgery. Oregon Hair Restoration performs effectively in restoring your hair with the highest level of personalized service and care.

Remember, a healthy and sufficient volume of hair is a factor for a more confident individual.

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