Sunday, September 5, 2010

Silver Lake on a Saturday

The husband, brother, and I visited Silver Lake today - a junkyard of hipsters, indie coffee shops and tchotchkes galore. We chowed on hamburgers at a taco stand, which in hindsight was not the best culinary choice, but the paprika-peppered french fries were good.

At an army surplus store, I fell in love with this Russian military officer hat, but I couldn't justify where I'd ever wear it and feared it might share the same fate as my pirate hat from the Santa Monica Pier (RIP).

Where there are hipsters with tattoos, there are vintage stores. Naturally we peered in a few, but I didn't find much. This one store "Replay" was comprised entirely of re-worked vintage. There was an entire rack of hacked-beyond-recognition vintage minis that had the top half chopped off and fastened in elastic to make these truly unfortunate tube top dresses. It really didn't sit well with me.

The other vintage shops had your typical $10 outdoor sales rack that lures you in to the hiked up indoor stuff. I'm always appreciative of quality pieces, and I even tried on a couple. But as any true thrift shopper, I couldn't convince myself to buy boutique. Thus we took to the Silver Lake Goodwill, where I found a wine-colored men's sweater that I had big plans for (see above). FTW: Sean found a 1970's Yves Saint Laurent blue velvet sportscoat for $30.

Ever since we framed my Beatles' Butcher Cover(!), we've been looking for other framable LPs to decorate the apartment. This one really stood out, and only $12. We need a few others to make a quad. I'm thinking Bowie will be next.
And what would a trip to Silver Lake be without buying an overpriced Voluspa candle from an apothecary? Apparently the boys and I don't agree on what constitutes as good smells, but fuck them because this huckleberry scent is heaven. My apartment is drifting with its sweet smell as we (virtually) speak.

So that about does it for yours truly.

Night night,
Sabrina London