Sunday, September 19, 2010

Roman Numerals XX and I

When I moved to LA, I stopped shopping at those big monolithic structures they call malls. Hence, I forgot the miracle healing powers of Forever 21 (it'll cure what ails you!). Maybe I just didn't recognize them with their uber-hip new moniker XXI. Come on, Forever 21. Switching to Roman Numerals won't make us forget your clothes are manufactured by little Indonesian kids. What great handwork on this ruffled top, Ndugu!

But I'm not one to judge. So when I popped by the Beverly Center this weekend (MAALLL!), I'll be first to admit I was immediately won over by low prices and high savings(!) Despite Forever 21's shameless trend-thieving from Urban Outfitters, they have SO MUCH STUFF. It almost feels like a thrift store at times because a lot of it's cheap junk; but through the roughage, you can uncover some incredible finds with promise to look so much better once they're out of the store.

The bullshitty thing about Forever 21 is that most of those remarkable pieces fall on the $28 and up category. While that's still balls cheap, it feels a little steep for a place with $4.80 camisoles.

On the other hand, who cares when you can buy a military-inspired cardigan for $30?

I bought this cardi in black and it's so amazing, I felt like starting a band.

Forever 21. Fun for the whole family!

Forever 24,
Sabrina London