Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Fetish: Tinroof Vintage

One of the reasons I'm so bewitched by vintage clothing is the ability to take something old and make it cutting edge modern. The best vintage shops don't just offer great used clothes, but a point-of-view and sense of contemporary styling. When I discovered the most recent offerings from Tinroof Vintage, I felt like I was looking at a 2010 fashion editorial. Yet every single garment is over 20 years old, and couldn't look more scrumptious. Here's our must-see list:

O-M-Geesus. Take a high-waisted skirt, add a random animal to it, and I'm so there. The styling couldn't be more impeccable. Pair a pearl-snap boyfriend shirt and neutral knee-socks and you've just taken this look to icon status. This high-waisted mallard skirt reminds me of the LLAMA skirt I sold over the summer.

Totes. Life-changing.

Here's another dreamy fall find from Tinroof Vintage. When I was in college, I would have totally rejected this look and dismissed it as "plain Jane." But being a young woman of 24, I 100% get the timeless simplicity of a sheer, nude blouse and camel-colored shorts. Inspiring.

Does anyone else enjoy watching Michael Kors on Project Runway scorn fashion-trends that exploded months after the show was taped? So far, he's chastised side boob ("never a flattering moment"), granny boots, and Gretchen's grandpa sweater. Well, well, well. Look who got it wrong again, Michael. Further proof you should never trust a man whose collection always finds it way to Ross.

Aren't you hemorrhaging over these crimson tights? More Navajo-inspiration with this mohair vintage sweater. Reminds of the new Marc Jacob ads.

If you have to go to any holiday parties this year, this is the dress to beat. Whether it's Thanks Giving or Christmas, this vintage '80s ruffled mini is sure to make a statement. And that statement is: I'm super, duper cute.

Cheating on My Own Store,
Sabrina London