Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Little black dress from haas

"When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place ..." Famous quote by a duchess.

We all girls of fashion know that the must of having an LBD [little black dress] is attributed to Coco Chanel. Her designs of little black dresses were so versatile, elegant and timeless that were worn by so many great and famous women; Princess Diana as my favourite.

The little black dress is essential. Every woman is ought to have it in her wardrobe. They don't have to be numerous, they only have to be few, at least one, simple but elegant black dress that can be worn up or down depending on the occasion.

I was really lucky during the tremendous "end of the season" sales of most high end products on Christmas, I was able to grab myself another LBD.

This little black dress is from haas. My pocket was hurt just a bit when I got it because it was at 50% off.

If you noticed girls, I don't wear jewelries. My fave accesories are only scarves, shoes and bags. But now, if you could see clearly that one finger of the left hand, there's a ring on it. ;)

I observed that haas is actually becoming my favorite brand. I was not concious for a while. I am loving it.