Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ANTI-GRAVITY: Catwalk Futuristic Theme

Last October 25, 2009 was the parade of ANTI-GRAVITY ISSUE Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection. The Runway Show was held at SF World Cinima, CentralWorld, Bangkok.

By just the mere look of the few of them, with my eyes trained to spot Thai fashion, the collection did not fail to parallel a very Thai taste - the daring mixed of extravagant colors.

I gather, that this Autumn/Winter collection has a futuristic theme; reinventing the old super heroes such as Superman and redefining them into a stylish futuristic outfit although I wonder if they are wearable.

These are the few that has grabbed my attention. For more, visit Thai Catwalk.

The winner for our skin care giveaway will be announced on Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend girls ;)