Saturday, August 22, 2009

So you’ve no horse? But who said you can’t be cowboy?

I’m not certain if my love for cowboy outfits could be attributed to my childhood experiences. We used to have horses as the best means of transportation when i was very young. I remembered feeling like flying when the horse crosses some cliffs through a swift and powerful leap. The best ride I could remember was when I was five and was with friends going home after church. I felt too small against the horse yet too carefree to mind the heights; after all, I was giggling along with friends. The cowboy rider was our hero.


I really love horses and I dream that at least before I retire, I can get a horse as beautiful as this.


Thus my love for cowboy gears. I’ve got no horse. but that does not matter. I can collect cowboy hats instead. And cowboy boots too. Or just anything that’s cowboy.

Do you see what a beutiful cowboy hat I got for myself here?

Do you really think the giraffe was actually eating my backpocket? lol, no. It was just asking for more bananas. But i needed to take our photo together first before i could feed it for more.


I went tired feeding the girrafes and walking, laughing and roaming arond the Safari World that I needed to have a rest and share the seat of these glamorous statutes. They were really lovely.


So one day I went shopping for cowboy hats. Guess what? I had to travel four hours from the city just to get cheaper leather hats. But anyway, it was worth the travel since I also enjoyed visiting around.

I hope I don’t look stupid here but this is just the silly side of me. lol.


I did not notice the guy behind me was handsome [ssshhh, don’t tell my honey, lol] I was too preoccupied seeing the scenery while having the cruise. Also, I was too excited to get to the next stop and see the extremely huge sculpted penis lying inside the temple [so I was told].


But instead, I found myself climbing this Everest temple of Wat Arun. Whew! By the way, while going down the stairs, a French guy was taking photos of me. I bet he was up to write his next article “The Fashionable Climb”.

All these activities did not happen all in a single day, mind you. That would be too exhausting. But their common denominator, I was with a cowboy hat.

What about you? What are your cowboy collections?